Absolutely, Almost, PerfectRating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Novel

Craig and Alex have made a nice life for themselves. They’ve been together for a year and they both see forever in each other’s eyes. Craig is still part owner of the bakery and Alex is making his way as a photographer and their careers complement them as much as their relationship does.

Life is pretty great until an invitation arrives to Craig’s estranged brother’s wedding. They knew the invitation was coming, but that certainly doesn’t help Craig’s feelings over the cruel way his brother has always treated him and it ramps up Alex’s anxiety.

A trip to Craig’s hometown in England is next for the guys as they try and navigate meeting Craig’s family as a couple for the first time. Craig is also trying to avoid his brother, the groom, as while everyone says he has changed, Craig has yet to see it. Add in Craig’s ex-boyfriend and obligations pulling the men in different directions and many circumstances threaten to upset the life and relationship that Craig and Alex have worked hard to achieve.

This book is the third in the Sucre Coeur series and is more of a direct follow up to the first book, Definitely, Maybe, Yours, and I would suggest having read that book before moving on here. I liked meeting Craig and Alex in the first book and watching them navigate a relationship and fall in love. I was looking forward to visiting with them again, but this book didn’t go in the direction I was hoping or expecting as Craig’s family became the focus here.

As the book opens, we don’t even get a chance to catch up with the guys as Alex is already in a full blown panic attack at the arrival of the wedding invitation and they are then quickly on their journey to England. While Alex is doing better at managing his anxiety, he’s not all the way there yet. Craig hasn’t seen his family in some time and the biggest reason is his brother, Duncan.

Now Craig’s brother was cruel and abusive to Craig, yet everyone insists that he has changed and wants Craig to repair their relationship. Duncan has never apologized to Craig for anything and everyone wants everything to be fine, even when Duncan continues to treat Craig and then Alex badly, and I couldn’t agree with what all the characters were expecting of Craig.

Most of the book is Craig figuring out his family issues. There is also a side story of Craig’s ex, David, who Craig sees again after many years. The guys were good friends and pick up their friendship again. It was never clear to me what the author was hoping to accomplish with David’s character. In one scene Craig is contemplating how to propose to Alex and in the next he’s internally commenting on how hot he thinks David is. Alex was doing the same thing as well regarding David and while this book didn’t seem like a candidate for a threesome, I kept wondering if the author was setting that up. That was ultimately not the direction it went and so the reason behind the continued comments from both characters on the attraction to David was puzzling as it was presented.

Most of the time I felt that Alex became a secondary character and there was little time for Craig and Alec to connect. The brief moments where they did connect had a soft water color appeal to it, but it was too brief for me. The end shows them connecting more, but it was done in a quick overview style that left me wanting more of Craig and Alex. The writing itself was good overall, but this wasn’t the follow up I was hoping for.

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