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Sam lives in a beautiful house with a beautiful garden. In fact, the garden is so beautiful it’s going to be written about in a gardening magazine. As he’s waiting for the writer and photographer to arrive, Sam sees a chicken from the house next door has wandered through the fence.

Bo is staying at the house next door, watching over the property and animal rehabilitation facility that his sister runs. When he gets to his handsome neighbor’s house to pick up the wayward chicken, Sam tells him off royally. When Bo returns to his place, he sits down and has a heart to heart with a little pig called Pom Pom. He tells the little one about how excited he’d been to introduce himself and meet the neighbor. His sister told him over and over about how great Sam was, but Bo is upset about how wrong she was.

Sam accidentally overhears the conversation and feels guilty as can be. He makes his way next door to apologize to Bo. The two men hit it off and a tentative friendship forms. Before long, that friendship blossoms into something more. Through a lawsuit, Bo’s frustrating sister, and some baseball, their relationship begins to grow into something very special.

I really enjoyed this little story. It was a light, comfortable read with friendship, romance, smexytimes, and lots of warm, fuzzy moments. Sam and Bo are both lovely and sweet characters. Yes, they both have some flaws, but they’re still lovable, and that lovability (is that even a word?) made me fall head over heels for them.

Bo and Sam meet cute. Seriously, what’s cuter than a wandering chicken? I know! How about Sam bringing a pot full of carrots he planted as a peace offering, only to discover Bo is allergic to carrots? I had a case of the giggles from the beginning.

There isn’t much conflict in As Big as the Sky, and that is great! I’ve read some heavy stuff lately, and coupled with what’s going on out there in the world, I really needed something that would make me smile from beginning to end. There was a surprise or two that I didn’t see coming, and that’s impressive in its own right. I almost always figure things out before they happen.

The story is very much focused on Sam and Bo. The only other major/lesser character is Bo’s sister Laura. She was annoying to a fault. She’d told Sam that Bo was “flakey, but she was the one taking advantage of Bo’s kind heart. When Bo and Sam finally confronted her, it was a relief, and I enjoyed it immensely.

There was quite a bit of humor in the book. One of the funniest scenes had Bo chasing that silly, escapee chicken. What I particularly liked about that is I was able to see the whole the entire thing in my head, like a movie. I laughed hard enough to wake my sleeping husband (I was reading at 4:00 am).

I want to take just a moment to talk about the sex. Bo and Sam had a fantastic chemistry. The flirting and small touches were great, but once they got to the bedroom? WOW! The scenes were hot, but not overwhelming, and none of them were gratuitous in any way. It was a perfect balance.

I highly recommend As Big as the Sky. It was a nice light read. I would actually call it a comfort read. It’s the sort of book you’ll save and go back to over and over when you want to have a smile or a laugh. Definitely get this one.

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