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Grady and Nico are engaged. It’s supposed to be a great time in their lives, but Nico wants to plan every single detail and Grady just wants to get to the part about being married. He loves Nico fully and will do anything for him, but the wedding plans are not the only pressures that Grady is facing. His past and his family turn up again and although Grady has said he has made peace with it all, he may not have fully. Adding to this, his record label wants him to compromise his integrity as an artist, and the news of his upcoming wedding is leaked to the press causing the paparazzi to follow them closely.

All Grady wants is his music on his own terms and his happy ever after with Nico. But there may be a choice that Grady was not prepared to make.

Blended Notes follows with the third book in Suzanne’s Spotlight series and this book would work best with at least having read the first book, Broken Records. This story follows Nico and Grady as they are settling into living together and planning their wedding.

As the book opens, things are good for the guys, if not a bit hectic. Grady has turned in a brand new album, but the record company wants him to make changes, changes that don’t sit well with Grady and his relationship with Nico. There is also the wedding planning. Nico is a top stylist and a planner and Grady is trying to hang on until they can get to the big day. Nico and Grady are solid in their feelings for each other, but the constant planning and then dealing with paparazzi put strain on their relationship.

The book just moves along and follows the men as they are wedding planning, figuring out their careers, and dealing with family issues. I always enjoy seeing established couples as they move on with their lives, but there wasn’t a lot of spark here for me for a good portion of the book and many of the interactions remained flat, if not a bit uninspired. All of the gang is back with Gwen, Flora, and Clementine, but there wasn’t a lot going on that had me turning pages. While it was a smooth read, there wasn’t much that was pulling me in. It was still great to see Nico and Grady again, but the day in the life formula, which certainly has appeal, didn’t make their story highly compelling for me here.

What was missing was the magic of Nico and Grady, because when they are together they are magical. They were on page together for the earlier portion of the book, but were more circling each other. It wasn’t until later on that they started to come together again for me. Grady has a lot going on and he’s second guessing everything because he’s used to getting left behind. But when he sees Nico he knows that, “Grady can’t get enough of him; he is everything Grady never thought he could have.” And that is what Grady has to come to terms with in the book, that he is allowed to have something good just for himself.

After reading the first book in the series I wouldn’t have missed this one. It did get off to a slower start for me, but when you get to the heart of Nico and Grady it’s certainly worth the journey.

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