CampLakeOmegaRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel

Jim is a 21-year-old widowed omega. He was mated to an Alpha who died one week after they’d been bonded. Now, Jim is a counselor at Camp Lake Omega, the summer camp for omegas he attended when he was a child. This will be his last free summer as he’ll be back in the mating pool in September. Jim is the only omega counselor. The others are betas. He’s excited about the camp and can’t wait to get started. Then, a slip in the mud brings him face to face with a drop dead gorgeous Alpha.

Kevin is that Alpha. He’s the director of the Alpha summer camp a mile across the lake from Camp Lake Omega. Kevin isn’t interested in omegas, bonding, or anything that will put him under the influence of the pheromones omegas put out. He’s not concerned about the omega camp across the way because all the counselors are betas…or so he thinks. You see, due to his previous bond, Jim doesn’t smell the same as the average omega.

Their attraction is immediate, and soon there are clandestine meetings during the night. Toward the end of the summer, Kevin will have to step in and save Jim from imminent danger…and from himself.

I really liked Camp Lake Omega. It’s a unique take on an omegaverse story. The summer camp scenario is something I’ve never read before, and it provided some fun and interesting moments.

Jim and Kevin were adorable. Honestly, there was nothing I didn’t like about them. They were both good with children, got along with the other counselors, and had great chemistry…in bed and out.

Jim had pretty much accepted his fate. He had this one last summer of independence before he’d be forced into another arranged bond. In fact, his parents hadn’t really wanted him to go to Camp Lake Omega anyway. However, he found his attraction to Kevin too strong to fight.

Kevin didn’t want to bond with an omega. He felt his father had Fallen under the spell of several omegas and wanted no part of it. At first, because Jim didn’t smell like an omega, Kevin thought Jim was a beta. Still, when he discovered the truth, he couldn’t stay away.

Yes, their relationship was charming and sweet, but great googly moogly, it was hot as well. The sex scenes were perfect and there was just the right amount of them. You all know by now, I love a good sex scene…the more sex the better, but sometimes it can be a bit much. Penelope Peters captured a perfect balance.

The background characters were nicely written. Reba is an Alpha counselor who always makes it a priority to seduce all the beta counselors across the lake. Justine is a beta counselor and Jim’s favorite coworker. Add in a few other counselors, kids, and parents, and you get a nice mixture of people who enhance the story without crowding it.

I don’t want to give away much of the plot. It’s pretty straight forward and there are no real surprises, but you know what? That’s what made it great. It was a comfort read for me. It wasn’t very long. It took me an hour or so to read, and for that hour, I was able to shut out the real world and get lost in the land of Alphas, omegas, heats, knotting, and camping fun.

I highly recommend this for fans of omegaverse books, and if you’ve not actually tried reading a book like this, it’s the perfect starting point. I’ve read several other books by Penelope Peters and her stories are always entertaining. Definitely pick this one up.

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