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Length: Short Story

Dante only knows life from behind the violin. He loves playing, but his parents are relentless with him being the best and even now that he’s grown, his parents’ presence is a force he could do without. He’s never been allowed to have a relationship and didn’t think someone could love him until Chris. But he felt so much for Chris so fast and then drove him away.

Dante wants Chris back. But he can’t call him because Dante couldn’t stand if Chris rejected him. When everything feels like it’s falling apart around him, it’s Chris that can ground Dante once again.

Magnetic is a follow up, but more of a companion piece to the first book in the Treacherous Chemistry series, Volatile. This short story is told from Dante’s point of view and really is meant to be read after that first book.

This book picks up after Chris left to head back home and we finally get more of a glimpse into what was going on with Dante. My main issue with Volatile was that there wasn’t enough given from Dante to pull the entire story together. I read that book a year ago, so while this was the book I was interested in, a lot of time has passed, which naturally makes the impact not as great.

Dante’s parents are the main issue with him as they push and push and only want Dante to play by their rules in every facet of his life. The book shows the same situation, yet gives insight into Dante’s lack of experience with relationships and further illuminates how the situation with Chris exploded. His parents are tough to take and it’s well past time for Dante to put them in their place, yet he’s still hesitant to do that. It also then shows their reunion from Dante’s perspective and it was special to be invited to that scene.

If you read Volatile this is the perfect complement to pull Chris and Dante’s relationship together. Winter has a great style and it’s always interesting to get an alternate point of view and it was great to see Chris and Dante once again.


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