Nothing In Common ExceptRating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Brax O’Hara is an alpha wolf shifter who runs a security company with his human pal, Judd, and moonlights as an antiquities thief, too. He’s hooked up with primo jobs by his fellow shifter friend, Caleb. Brax has a debt to pay to one Elio Russo, a rotten shifter who tried to kill Brax several years ago; Brax had him nailed for a tech crime.

Kyle Grayson is another alpha wolf shifter, but he’s on the hunt for Brax—believing he’s likely the thief responsible for some pretty daring heists of late. Shifters can teleport anywhere they’ve seen before. Also, alpha shifters like Kyle, Brax, and Elio can read minds. So, these talents enable Elio and Brax to do some scandalous things, and Kyle to track them.

Brax endeavors to stay a few steps ahead of Kyle, and convinces Kyle to assist him in taking down Russo. It’s not hard when Kyle recognizes that Russo’s dirty deeds have torn apart his family. While they collaborate, a companionship develops, and this eventually leads to passion and love.

This book is an interesting take on the shifter story and I liked how the enemies-to-lovers part shaped up. The whole teleportation business wasn’t very interesting, and I often found myself thinking “why didn’t they just teleport everywhere” because it got to be too convenient. Likewise, the mind-reading didn’t help with tension development, either. The love story was pleasantly organic, though, and I’m glad they didn’t spend all their time reading each other’s minds and instead talked about what was building between them. That was the best part of the book. Also, I liked how both Brax and Kyle were invested in each other enough that they were willing to make themselves take risks on happiness, not profit. The writing is kinda choppy, and the plot was quirky, but it was an amusing, short read.

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