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Length: Novel

Christian is only one of two humans in the Rogue army. The others are paranormals (shifters, vampires, etc.). His best friend, Dylan, is mated to an omega wolf shifter and is very much in love. Christian is happy for him, but he’s sworn to himself he’ll never settle down or rely on a man. Imagine his surprise when, while on the ferry returning home, he hears a man shout “MINE” and that man meant him. 

Ward is an Alpha, and the big brother of Dylan’s omega, Rudy. He’s heading to Rogue Island to see Rudy because he’s concerned for him. Ward gets one whiff of Christian and knows instantly he’s his mate. To say Ward made Christian skittish would be an understatement. Ward has grown up on a farm and is somewhat socially awkward, so he doesn’t quite understand why Christian isn’t willing to simply give up his commission in the service and come home to the farm with him.

Now, Christian and Ward have to figure out if they can compromise and be together, or if Christian will push Ward away and be alone for good.

Resistance was a decent book. It’s short (Amazon is calling it 107 pages), and it’s a relatively easy read. I would call it bare bones: two MCs, a basic conflict, a teeny bit of angst to move the story along, and a simple HEA. Sometimes, I just need something like that.

I liked Christian and Ward, especially Ward. He’s a big, lumbering farmboy, and I find that incredibly sweet and sexy. Throw in the mentioned social awkwardness and I’ll follow him anywhere. He fell for Christian at first sight, and while he wasn’t exacly subtle, he meant well. His need to protect was endearing, at least to me. He went about it wrong, but you know the saying…the heart wants what it wants…and Ward wanted Christian.

Speaking of Christian, he was a little more difficult to love, but I did love him. His childhood was atrocious. His mother was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and there was no father in the picture. They moved from place to place, following man after man. At one point, they were actually sleeping in a barn! This is why Christian didn’t want to be beholden to any man, and it’s caused trust issues, personally and professionally. My favorite thing about Christian was how it finally dawned on him he didn’t have to handle things on his own. He could rely on others, and he could love a man without strings or without sacrificing his own self worth. I’m not going to lie. I cried a little.

There are a few background characters who are important to the story. Dylan and Rudy, of course, but there was also Pierce (great name for a vampire, eh?), Virion, Alpha Delco, and Ward and Rudy’s moms. The book is very Ward/Christian-centric, but the others do play an important role in getting our boys to their HEA.

There is quite a bit of sexual tension in Resistance…kissing, pet names, and plenty of heat in the air, but there is only one major sex scene. It was well worth the wait, though. I liked how there wasn’t a need for constant sex to convey Ward and Christian’s feelings for each other. It’s true, I love sex scenes, but it felt like this was a quality vs. quantity situation.

This is book two of the Roguefalls series. I suppose you could read it as a stand alone, but I don’t really recommend it. The first book, Human Instincts, is Rudy and Dylan’s story. There is certainly exposition in Resistance, but I believe it’s best read after book one.

If you enjoy Alpha/omega, flawed hero stories, I think you’ll like this one. It’s a nice way to spend an hour, and it will provide enough feels to satisfy your need for your men to live happily ever after.

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