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Twelve years ago, Lucky’s family disowned him for reasons that aren’t completely clear to him. Though it is not as if he hasn’t made plenty of mistakes in his life. Except for his sister Charlotte, Lucky hasn’t had any contact with the family he loves. His mother and father don’t even know he is actually alive, and Lucky fears they wouldn’t care.

The last few years have been good ones for Lucky though. He finished serving out his jail time as an agent for the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau and he is now one of their top trainers and undercover operators. He has saved lives and made a difference in controlling the drug trade. And best of all, he has found real love and happiness with Bo, his partner on and off the job. Now if only he and Bo could spend a little time together instead of constantly being separated by their cases.

When Charlotte calls to tell Lucky his father is sick and needs an organ donation only he might be able to give, Lucky is torn. The operation is not without risk and he fears what could happen to him and how it might affect his life with Bo. Not to mention he isn’t even sure his father would accept such a gift from Lucky after refusing to speak with him for years. But Lucky also knows he still loves his family, whether or not they return his affection, and he can’t imagine leaving his father in need.

To Lucky’s surprise, the procedure brings a chance to reunite with some of his family. And even better, to finally learn what it is that caused them to cut him off all those years ago. It turns out that there is a lot more going on that anyone knew, and suddenly Bo and Lucky find themselves once again in the middle of a drug case. Lucky is just reuniting with his family and putting the pieces back together. But once they find out the truth, it may shatter their fragile connection. Even worse, someone wants Lucky dead and he must fight to figure out who is behind it before his life with Bo and his reunion with his family is destroyed.

Reunion is the sixth book in Eden Winter’s fabulous Diversion series, and this story reminds me just how much I love this series. To me, this series deserves to be in the upper echelon of romantic suspense in our genre, and Winters manages to create both fascinating and unique investigations, combined by a wonderful romance between two characters that I adore.

Lucky and Bo are such a fascinating pair and the two have come a long way over the series. Lucky notes that the they men started off far apart and are now kind of meeting in the middle, and that is exactly what has happened. Lucky started out the series hardened and not interested in any kind of companionship, or really liking much human interaction of any kind. He spent his early years as the boyfriend of a powerful drug lord and Lucky doesn’t think he deserves much in the way of credit or consideration, even for the good things he has done. But slowly we see him building this strong connection with Bo, and to Lucky’s horror, a close friendship with others as well. Lucky has softened, just the tiniest bit, and it is rewarding as it brings people into his life that really care for him and want the best for him. Bo, on the other hand, starts out as more uptight and straight laced. We always knew there was more under the surface, a bit of a bad boy that we don’t often see. But now we can see how Bo has relaxed and adapted and how these two are just a perfect fit. They are sexy and romantic and dirty and loving. They care so much for each other and they have built a relationship no one really expected.

This story starts out with the focus on family as Lucky finally reconnects with his family and learns what caused the rift. I loved seeing Lucky so happy as he finds the family he has been missing so long and it is such a heartwarming book. At the same time, Winters uses that storyline as a launching point for another suspense plot as things take a turn into drug trafficking, insurance fraud, and attempted murder. I like that Winters balances the family and the romance with the suspense here, and we still get a sweet, kind of mushy story that is mixed with the edge we have come to expect from these books.

So I really enjoyed Reunion and this book really brings a lot of elements from the series full circle. This is a series that is best read in order, as not only do we see the progression of Lucky and Bo’s relationship over the books, but their drug cases often build upon one another so it is best to be familiar with the basics before starting this one. But I really do think this is a wonderful series and definitely encourage you to start with Diversion and check them all out.

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