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Length: Novel

Keegan Quinn is a successful restaurant owner in Chicago. He’s the son of a mob boss and used to be in the “family business,” but after a terrible event that left him badly injured and a young boy dead, he’s no longer involved. Still, Keegan loves his father and will do what he can to protect him.

Jon Brookfield is an FBI special agent investigating the senior Quinn and his enterprise. He arrives at Keegan’s restaurant to question him and realizes Keegan is no longer part of the organization. He also realizes he has a powerful attraction to Keegan. So powerful, Jon asks to be taken off the case so he can pursue a relationship him.

The two men begin dating and everything seems to be going well. When Keegan’s father becomes ill, and his strange ex boyfriend returns asking who will take over if he dies, Keegan starts to worry whether he’ll wind up being forced to return to the life he has worked so hard to break away from.

Sins of the Father picks up pretty much where the first book of the series, Straight from the Heart, left off. A trusted member of the Quinn family has been sent to prison, and life is returning to normal for Keegan. His restaurant is prosperous, and his staff is more like a family than employees. He wasn’t even surprised (or particularly angry) when Jon shows up. It’s not a secret who his father is and what he does. Nor is it a secret Keegan used to be in the business before being tried and acquitted for the murder of a little boy.

Keegan and Jon had a sort of instant chemistry. Perhaps a little too instant. Still, I didn’t mind. I like insta love stories. Sure, it felt a little unusual Jon would ask to be taken off the case so soon, but I bought into it because I liked both characters so much. Keegan was charming and sweet, and Jon was loyal and chivalrous. Together, they were a couple I’d be happy to call friends. I loved how they didn’t have a problem showing affection for each other. Also, they were unpretentious. It didn’t matter that Keegan was a wealthy businessman and Jon was a special agent. They were friendly and got along easily with everyone. I especially enjoyed the dynamic between them and the staff at Keegan’s restaurant. They were like a family and it was a pleasure to read their interactions.

Along with Keegan’s friendships with his employees, he has a remarkable love for his blood family. He’s protective of his brother, and even though his father is the crime boss who runs Chicago, and even though Keegan’s out of the mob, his feelings never change. He’s still his dad, and when he becomes ill, Keegan is right there at his side. Above all else, this is what made me fall a little in love with him.

There is some intrigue and a bit of a mystery in Sins of the Father. Why has Keegan’s ex boyfriend come to town? What will become of the Quinn family empire if Keegan’s father dies? It all began well and held my interest. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was in the story, so when it was all said and done, I was left a little let down. I literally said, “That’s it?” The ending was so abrupt and tied up so quickly and neatly. If there could have been a few more pages…some more substance, it would have gone from being a good book to a great book.

I did enjoy this story, though. Keegan and Jon were wonderful together, and I smiled a lot while I was reading about them, especially their dialogue. Sam Burns really nailed their personalities and made them good men. There were several hints at future installments, and I would be more than happy to read them. Sins of the Father could be read as a stand alone, as there is some exposition, but I do suggest you read the first book, Straight from the Heart. It will give you a more complete picture of what happens in this book. I definitely recommend this one.

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