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Length: Novella

For Benjamin Holland, being a werewolf hunter pays the bills. Humans aren’t supposed to know about shifters, but ever since his best friend Peter explained it to him, Ben has known. And he puts his skills to good use, hunting down rogue werewolves. On his most recent case, not only does he eliminate a threat, but he rescues Justin White.

Justin has run away from his warren, determined not to be mated to the psycho shifter he was promised to. Ben presents safety, and since he’s shown he’s trustworthy, Justin stays with Ben. But the more they get to know each other, the more they want each other. They mate, and the future seems bright. Until Justin’s past comes back, and it’s up to Ben to protect his mate.

The second book in the Hoppity series brings us Ben’s story, a character whom we met in the first book. While it’s not strictly necessary to have read the first one in order to read this book, I think it lent a little more emotion and background having read it.

So once again, the premise of this one was cute. I enjoyed both Justin and Ben. Ben has a high sense of morality, and he’s healing a broken heart. Justin is scared and worried, but he has a backbone underneath that comes out when he needs it too. They were cute and they had a spark of chemistry. So on that level, I think they worked.

But this story moved pretty fast and not enough time was given to development. While the MCs had chemistry, it never solidified fully for me. One minute they were friends who were attracted to each other, and the next they were taking the huge step of mating. I would have liked this part to be explored more, so that I could really feel the shift and understand why these guys wanted forever.

The rest of the plot was fairly predictable, but it worked for the most part. This book was on the shorter side, so I wasn’t expecting too much in the way of drawn out storyline there. It was straightforward and ended with a satisfying conclusion, so while I wasn’t exactly surprised, I wasn’t disappointed either.

I think this story lacked a little in the pacing and development, but it’s a cute, quick read. Though I have mixed feelings about it, if it sounds like something you’d like, then I’d definitely suggest you give it a try.

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