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Matthew is a romance writer who delivers flowers to make ends meet. He lives in an apartment building above the flower shop where the other residents make up an unusual sort of family. He’s having a little problem, though. Matthew has a bit of writer’s block. In fact, the only thing he’s written lately has been the words “Chapter One.

One day, on his way to make an important delivery, fate steps in and has Matthew rescue a man from being run over by a garbage truck. Calvin “Cal” Croft is that man. Cal is a billionaire investment banker. He’s devastatingly handsome and the paparazzi love him. After he’s rescued by Matthew, Cal is whisked away in a limo without learning his hero’s name. However, before the limo takes off, he finds the card from the spilled flowers on the ground and learns where he can find Matthew.

Can these two men find their way to each other (with a little help from their friends)? Cal has a secret, and a misunderstanding throws a wrench into their budding relationship. Will their love story end before it really begins?

You guys…I. Loved. This. Book! I’m a sucker for a billionaire story because they (most of the time anyway) are always so romantic. The Billionaire’s Boyfriend gave me that romance in spades. Calvin Croft was so sweet and so sexy, and Matthew was adorable. I fell in love with both men from page one.

Matthew is having a writer’s crisis, but he has the support of a “family” he’s assembled from the tenants in his apartment building. Together, the four of them are charming and absolutely hilarious. He’s convinced he’s never going to find love, and he’s actually stopped looking. As I read his story, I thought how the author could have made him a one dimensional trope, but Matthew is a well fleshed out character with a beautiful heart under all that sarcasm.

Cal? What can I say about Cal? How about dreamy? Swoonworthy? Both? Cal puts every other billionaire I’ve read about to shame. Also, he never does anything halfway. He brought Matthew a new bike –a top of the line, super expensive bike– because Matthew’s was destroyed when he rescued Cal from the garbage truck. Cal offers to take Matthew to lunch, and he rents out the whole place. Of course, he owns it, so it’s all good. When Matthew mentions he’s always wanted to go to Italy to see the Spanish Steps, Cal sweeps him away to Rome in his private plane. All of these things could have served to make Cal seem like the lead character in a bad movie, but in this book, he’s simply perfect.

I mentioned Matthew’s “family” from the apartment complex. They’re a wonderful bunch. There’s Tilly, a brilliant and precocious twelve year old; Mrs. Mulroney, the owner of the flower shop with a penchant for Irish whiskey and romance; and Mr. Banks, an elderly gentleman who has absolutely no idea what’s going on, and seems to silently appear in places he shouldn’t be. These people are amazing, and they lend so much to this story. I felt like I was laughing constantly. I’d be giving away too much if I described the dinner party scene, so I won’t. Suffice to say, it was comedy gold.

While Cal and Matthew’s relationship was basically insta-love, that is not a problem whatsoever. I’m a firm believer of love at first sight, and when it happens, it’s magical. They have such chemistry! They were so good, had butterflies! There isn’t much sex, but what sex there is is hot, but sweet, and I know I keep saying the word “romantic but I can’t describe it any other way.

Please, please, please run, don’t walk, over to Amazon and get yourself The Billionaire’s Boyfriend. It’s heartwarming and hilarious. I would actually even call it perfection. This is one of the best books I’ve read this year, and I’ll want to read it again and again.

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