August Favorite Covers

Hi gang! Today we are sharing our favorite covers from August. Please join us in appreciating some talented cover artists! And if you have any of your own favorites, definitely let us know!

Permanent Ink

Cover art by Natasha Snow

Controlled Burn

Cover art by Natasha Snow

bone to pick

Cover art by Anne Cain

foxling soldati

Cover art by L.C. Chase

Cutie and the Beast

Cover art by Lou Harper


Cover art by Natasha Snow

The Highlander

Cover art by Marek Frankowski


  1. They’re all nice, but the Foxlling Soldati cover really reaches out and grabs me. This is the kind of cover that gets my attention in the book store.

  2. I also liked the Bone to Pick cover. I see you have three covers by Natasha Snow; she clearly has an impressive array of styles!

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