Today I am so pleased to welcome D.J. Jamison to Joyfully Jay. D.J. has come to share an exclusive excerpt from her latest release, Full Disclosure. She has also brought along a great giveaway for our readers.  Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Two hours after I found my home ransacked, I let myself into the “monstrosity” I’d listed on Ivy Lane.

It wasn’t exactly appropriate to stay in the property, but I didn’t have many options. So, here I was. Squatting in my own listing.

I snorted in disgust and stripped off my clothes, eager for a shower.

Full Disclosure TeaserIt’d been a long day between humiliating hot dog duty and disappointing evening showings that would yield nothing. I wrinkled my nose at my own smell and stepped into the shower. Good thing I wasn’t a germophobe, because there was a serious case of grime and mold going on. I wore some flip-flops I kept for trips to the gym and avoided touching any walls.

Immediately, the hot water relaxed me and I hummed in contentment as I lathered and rinsed away the day’s sweat.

Thank God, the property owner had agreed to have the utilities turned on to ensure everything worked. I might be in a vacant house, but I had hot water and electricity. There was even a bed, though it was probably musty and infested with bed bugs. Shudder. Good thing I’d brought my sleeping bag.

Cleaned up and in a better frame of mind, I stepped from the shower and gave my skin a quick scrub before securing the towel around my hips. Then, I left the bathroom in search of fresh clothing.

Turning into the bedroom where I left my duffel, I glimpsed movement from the corner of my eye and jumped.

Holy Jesus, WTF?

A man. Big and tall and dark stood in the doorway.

My heart tried to beat out of my chest, and I pressed my free hand to my breastbone in an effort to soothe the ache. My other hand kept a death grip on the towel at my waist.

“Shit!” I gasped when I could speak. “Who the hell are you?”



I rested my palm on my hip, my concealed firearm within easy reach in a holster that rested inside my waistband.

My eyes narrowed on the half-naked man in my great-uncle’s vacant house. When Lee and I pulled up, I’d noticed an older model Honda Accord parked at the curb but figured it belonged to the neighbor. As a precaution, I asked Lee to wait by the door while I ensured the house was empty. The massive amount of junk in the place was no picnic when scouring dark rooms for a malicious presence, and I’d damn near pulled my weapon and shot this guy first and asked questions second.

I looked at the miles of bare skin on display. At least I wouldn’t need to search for weapons. He couldn’t hide much in that state.

“Who the hell are you?” I parroted his words back to him.

Lee was still waiting at the door, and I was uneasy being so far from my witness with this unknown factor thrown into the works. I strained for any hint of sound, but I heard no signs of a struggle. Whoever came for Lee wouldn’t mess around, though. They’d pull the trigger and go. If they used a silencer, I might not hear it. He could be dead even now.

But it wouldn’t make a lot of sense. Someone involved in tracking down Lee wouldn’t take a shower and traipse around half-naked. Maybe after a killing, if it was particularly messy …

Shaking off that morbid thought, my gaze swept the room for other intruders before returning to wide blue eyes, genuinely startled eyes, and blond hair. The stranger’s expression eased my tension a fraction. I had a good track record for reading people, and this guy was sincerely surprised to see me.

Without my permission, my eyes dipped, taking in the expanse of pale skin over a slender but extremely toned body.

“I … um,” the man floundered, gaping like a fish sucking air. “Wait, are you Reid Bishop?”

My eyes snapped back to the man’s blushing face, and my eyebrows shot up.

“I am,” I said, adding two and two.

My hand dropped from my hip, and my muscles fully relaxed for the first time since spotting Camden Lewis.

“You must be my real estate agent,” I added dryly.


Full Disclosure CoverA new real estate agent gets more than he bargained with his first client ….


I’m desperate to make a fresh start as a real estate agent after leaving my alcoholic boyfriend of way too long. Getting a call to list a house while parading as a hot dog for a few bucks seems like my lucky break. Then things go sideways. My apartment is broken into and burglarized. Getting caught half-naked while squatting in my own listing is a low point. Seeing the sexy-voiced stranger who is now my client — and his gorgeous, cold boyfriend? — major bummer. But hey! I might sell a house … if we can ever get it in decent shape for the market and all the odd questions surfacing about my client don’t get in the way.


I’m a washed up US marshal turned bodyguard, and even that’s lost its appeal. A leave of absence to deal with a house I inherited from my great-uncle seems like a good opportunity to get my head straight. But then my boss pulls me aside and asks me to take on a witness in danger. We’d be off the grid, so to speak. The guy is a criminal, but he’s young and gay, so we set up a cover as a couple. Might seem risky in Kansas, but all the gossip about those gay guys will make a great smokescreen to our true secret: Lee is a target of the Dragon Boyz gang, and I have to keep him safe until trial. Of course, I wasn’t counting on the gorgeous blond, blue-eyed Realtor who makes me want something more in my life. When he starts asking questions, do I set him straight or risk losing him for good? And then there’s still those gang members to think about.

Story includes inappropriate attire, gunfights, flirting while in a fake relationship and male/male naughtiness.


djjamisonDJ Jamison grew up in the Midwest and worked in newsrooms for more than 10 years before trying her hand at romance writing. Her first m/m romance stories focused on a series of love connections between small-town Kansas newspaper staffers, their sources and their readers before she expanded into novels venturing into emergency rooms and other settings. She lives in Kansas with her husband, two sons and three glow-in-the-dark fish who are miraculously still alive. The same can’t be said for the hamster she got in college. RIP Bogie.


DJ has brought a copy of her novellas My Anti-Valentine and My Anti-Boyfriend to give away to one lucky reader. Just leave a comment at the end of the post to enter. The contest ends on Tuesday, October 3rd at 11:59 pm ET.

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