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Twig Starfig is a rare creature. Half dragon, half fairy, he fits in with no one. His dragon side is more dominant, but since his father is a highly powerful and influential member of the council, he’s able to live in Elder. And Twig uses his dragon abilities to locate lost items on behalf of his clients. When a gorgeous unicorn comes looking for help, Twig barely manages to resist the unicorn’s magic. He does, and in the process, gets temporary custody of the unicorn’s indentured slave, Quinn Broomsparkle.

Quinn is much more than he seems, and while Twig enjoys the man’s feistiness, it also makes his job harder. In the end, Twig has no choice but to accept Quinn’s presence as he hunts down the unicorn’s lost horn. As Twig and Quinn get to know each other better, one thing becomes clear. Twig’s dragon wants Quinn for his mate.

Faced with certain death, the two bond in ways neither expected. But that makes things even more difficult. Half-truths mar their relationship, and the effects of the bond make things even harder. But in the end, Twig can’t let Quinn go. And Quinn will do whatever he has to in order to protect Twig.

Fantasy is one of my favorite genres, and as soon as I read the blurb for this story, I knew I wanted to read it. This book is a fun romp in the paranormal world, with a fantasy bent that really gives it a fresh feeling.

Told from Twig’s POV, we really get to know the characters. I loved that he was layered and well fleshed out. There’s so much going on with him, and he’s done his best to lead his own life. He’s a child of two worlds, but he belongs in neither. But he hasn’t let that stop him from accomplishing what he wants. He’s gruff and grumpy, but good hearted and kind as well. I really enjoyed him, and thought he was a great narrator for the story.

Quinn was a little bit harder to get to know, and he was also a bit unreliable. Readers are given glimpses into his true personality, and his actions speak highly of him. But I also has a little trouble with his secret keeping. While on the one hand, I could understand his motivation, on the other, it was frustrating to find out yet again there was something he was keeping from Twig. So I had a little trouble with that as it kept happening.

Their chemistry jumped off the page, and from their very first scene together, it was clear they were going to spark and ignite. I enjoyed their banter, and thought the author did a great job of drawing that out without taking it to over the top. I liked the way it built the more they interacted. I will say that the resolution at the end moved a little too fast for me, and I would have liked to see a bit more communication from them to really feel the depth of their emotions and feelings.

So while all the romance is happening, the MCs face one situation after another as they attempt to get the horn back. This whole part was really well done, and I really liked the places the author took it. There was a bit of a campy feel to the whole thing, especially with the character’s names, but it added to the appeal. I could have used a little bit more in the world building, as this is a completely different realm. I needed just a tiny bit more to really understand how everything worked. But it wasn’t a huge detraction for me. And while one big thing that happened wasn’t a surprise to me, I also found it satisfying in its epicness.

All in all, this was a fun, enjoyable read, with just a bit of drama to lend depth to the story. It’s an easy recommendation, especially if you’re looking for paranormal fantasy with a different twist.

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