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Kyle’s first love is basketball. He had setbacks in his young life when his mother died, but he’s dedicated to making it to the NBA. But Kyle knows that being gay and being a professional athlete aren’t going to mix well so he remains firmly in the closet. He doesn’t want to disappoint his father and he doesn’t want to give up on his dreams so he remains alone. When Kyle needs a new roommate, he learns that Micah is available and that seems like both the best and worst idea.

Micah works with the basketball team’s trainer. Well, that just one of his jobs as he tries to put himself through school in hopes of becoming a doctor. He was still living in a house with his ex-boyfriend and he needed a change, big time. While living with a gorgeous jock may be easy on the eyes, Micah thinks Kyle is nothing but straight. The guys form a true friendship and then lust turns to love. However, Kyle has no immediate plans to come out and Micah has been burned before, but the guys know they are just perfect for each other both on and off the court.

Two guys behind a closed door exploring each other is what you can look forward to here. Add in that one guy is a closeted athlete as well as a virgin and there are a variety of intimate moments.

The story itself is a lighter one and there is no real conflict until later into the book. Kyle is ready to have a relationship, but he’s scared of disappointing his father and of ruining his chances at a professional athletic career. Yet Micah is temptation.

Micah comes from a large family where there was always so much going on. His parents weren’t college oriented so he was on his own for finding a way to pay for it all. His last relationship left him disillusioned and while he’s attracted to Kyle, he doesn’t think he wants anything serious, but that doesn’t last too long.

This had all the makings of a great story, but it never did fully capture me. The book is told in first person point of view from both characters, which I’m always excited to see, but here the guys sounded too similar. So similar that in the early stages of the book when we are first learning about them, they blended together. Also, the guys both spend a lot of time in their heads and there is a lot of inner narrative. The type of inner narrative where a question is asked, then there are many paragraphs of internal thoughts, only to come back to the question being answered. While inner thoughts can certainly help to learn more about a character, the flow of the conversation was broken too often for me here.

The story went along at a slower pace until well into the book where there was drama that seemed to be added in for movement. The storyline here was weaker for me and the resolution, the way it was handled, and then the fallout didn’t work for me. The ending then was way too abrupt and it was jarring that it ended as it did.

The story was low on angst and there was some heat added in but overall it was just an okay read.

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