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Joel Hunter is a detective inspector working a case undercover at a nightclub. There he’s captivated by one of the performers, Satin, a slim and beautiful torch-song singer. When the case ends, Joel finds he has to go back to see Satin perform again. He finds her that attractive. Only, on this night, Satin joins Joel at his table in the front and reveals his true identity as Ross Dauntry, a female impersonator by trade, and a ballet dancer by training.

Ross had seen the officer in the club for several nights. He’s sure the sexy man is straight, but he can’t help his attraction. Ross always falls for the wrong man. But, Joel accepts his invitation to breakfast, and the two men hit it off while they dine. Joel can’t hide his attraction to both Ross and Satin–he’s been attracted to men before, but now he’s interested enough to act on it.

challenge month 2017 copyI loved the interplay between Joel and Ross/Satin. He has an undeniable interest in both, and Ross is excited to meet a man who doesn’t disparage his talent as a female impersonator, or think his aspirations in ballet are effeminate. They make a good pair, but neither is prepared for how intense this becomes in such a short period, and Joel is still unsure of their status. Friends? Lovers? Should he come out?

As with many stories of people in transition, in this case Joel and his sexuality, there will be missteps that lead to heartbreak. And that’s true here, for a bit. The sexytimes are smoking, and Joel handily adapts to a carnal relationship with Ross. The story isn’t earth-shattering on the action, but the emotions are right at the surface and it’s easy to connect to both of the main characters.

There are some awesome side characters here, strong women who bolster these men, and that was fun to see. It’s the second book in a series, but completely enjoyable on its own. I chose it for Self Published Book Week, because I’ve read some K.C. Wells books before, and I know she’s a strong author. Sometimes I’ve been disappointed by novice attempts at authorship, but I KNEW I’d have a great love story when I chose this one. I’m looking forward to more in this Material World series and definitely recommend this story.

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