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Tate is book five in Ella Frank’s Temptation series and is not recommended to be read as a standalone as it follows the same couple, Logan and Tate, throughout the books.

Logan Mitchell liked to think that he had his life planned. He certainly didn’t plan for Tate Morrison and the all-consuming relationship that the two of them would find themselves in. He’s committed to Tate in every way and just when Logan thinks he can’t possibly love Tate any more, he finds even more room in his heart.

Logan never wanted to get married, but lately, his thoughts have changed as he wants to stake his claim on Tate in every way possible. It’s these current thoughts that are leaving Logan distracted and unsettled as he tries to make his next plan.

Tate knows something is off with Logan, but their life is crazy busy and Tate couldn’t even begin to guess where Logan wants to take their relationship. Change is in the air, from work, to home, to their relationship. Tate and Logan will prove to themselves and each other that they can have it all.

There aren’t many drop everything and read right now books. Tate, and really any book in this series, is just that. I have not had such anticipation waiting for a book to hit my Kindle since perhaps the last book in this series. So clearly this is one of my favorite series and Tate and Logan are one of my all-time favorite couples. Originally the series was thought to be concluded after three books, but Ella Frank dazzled us by adding three more books and now we are down to waiting for the last one.

There are so many things to love about this series, but one of my favorites is the continuity as one book opens where the other left off. The end of the last book had the men moving forward yet again in their relationship and there were questions waiting to be answered. The men have been together for four years now and are more committed than ever, but this book is about change. The guys just fall right back into it from page one and we see Logan struggling with being blindsided over his emotions for Tate. The book, and the series, is highly relationship and character driven and while it may seem like just a day in the life at first glance, there is so much going on in this book.

Tate is one of the more emotional books in the series and Logan and Tate show their tender side and the tension is driven internally. During the course of their relationship, they have hit the highest highs and the lowest of lows, but their love story remains everlasting. With as confident as both of them are, and if you know Logan you know what I’m talking about, they are still in awe of each other and don’t take each other or their relationship for granted for one second. After five books and having Logan and Tate together for years, Frank knows these guys so well and she gets them perfectly. She is then able to transfer it all on page for each and every book while keeping them fresh, which is a tremendous feat. There are also small, subtle details seen here that added another layer by increasing the visual effect of many scenes and further elevated the book.

This book has Logan and Tate digging deeper emotionally while remaining one of the hottest couples out there. They are truly amazing together and from the bedroom, to the office, to the car, and beyond, they play rough and dirty and it’s spectacular. Their banter remains on point and leave it to Logan to make me laugh out loud. The last book left us with varied questions of will he or won’t he and do they or don’t they and the book hangover with this one will hurt so good. I wish all books were this impressive, but that is what makes this book, this series, and these guys truly special. Do you want more of Logan and Tate? This book —get it!

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