Unbreakable Bonds: IanRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella

The Unbreakable Bonds series has come to an end and this book is the last collection of short stories that focuses on one of the couples. From the title, you can tell this is Ian’s book along with Hollis, but of course the rest of the men make an appearance. Most of the stories are short scenes that show Ian and Hollis settling into their relationship. As with the other books, this one follows the same style and has one longer story with this one showing the men taking steps to put the last of their recent past behind them.

The men have always been protective of Ian and as his relationship with Hollis becomes permanent, they all have to find ways to accept Hollis into their family while Ian and Hollis make a small family of their own. The stories range from many intimate moments to the men discussing careers, their friends, and their futures. There is always a wild time to be had when all of the men are together and Lucas, Andrei, Snow, Jude, Noah, and Rowe keep the series intact.

Since Ian was the last one of the group to get his happy ending, it was fun to see him and Hollis making a life together for themselves while still keeping their family of friends close. Since this book closes out the series, you would not want to read it as stand alone and while it is important to at least have read Ian’s book, Devour, the entire series fits together and each book builds off of the next.

The end offers an added bonus of seeing all of the couples for one last glimpse as they send off the Unbreakable Bonds series. The authors have a spin-off series planned for Ward Security, but it seems inevitable that all of the men will visit at some point.

The highlight of the series is still the family and the bonds these guys have created. If you have read the previous books, of course you will want this one to round out the series. If you haven’t started yet, the series is now complete making it a great time to start.

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