Hi gang! So the GayRomLit conference is this week and I am crazy excited. This will be my sixth GRL and each one has been amazing and special in it’s own way. This year I am really looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. I am especially excited that we have so many audiobook narrators coming this year. I am a huge audio fan so I am trying to hold myself back from slobbering all over them!

As usual, GRL will be a busy event for me as I am leading the Newbie Meet and Greet, moderating and participating in the Featured Blogger Panel, appearing at two Lounges, and moderating three Author Readings. Plus parties and events and other fun!

If you want to keep up with all the hijinks, the best way to do that is to follow me on social media. I will be posting pictures on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I also try to post daily recaps on Facebook as well. So if you want to keep up with everything, but sure you are friending and following me in those places. Also, the Featured Blogger Panel will be recorded for FB Live. If all goes well, you can stream it live on Wednesday at 4:30 on Jeff & Will’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast page. If there are issues, you should be able to watch it after the fact on their page. And Will is going to monitor the feed during the panel, so if you have comments or questions, you can enter them there and we will try to include them in the discussion.

Here is the schedule of where I will be when. If you are around at GRL, please stop by and say hello!


  • 3:30: Newbie Meet and Greet (leader)
  • 4:30: Featured Blogger Panel (moderator/participant)


  • 1:30: Author Reading (moderator)
  • 4:30: Author/Blogger Lounge appearance


  • 10:00 Author/Blogger Lounge appearance
  • 11:00: Author Reading (moderator)
  • 4:00: Author Reading (moderator)

Plus, it is safe to assume I’ll be at all the nighttime parties, and if all else fails, look for me in the lobby or bar (or follow the noise!)

Look forward to seeing many of you there, and hope to connect with the rest of you online.

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