Today I am excited for a new installment of our feature, called I Want a Book About...  The idea is that readers can write in with requests for recommendations on certain storylines or themes and we can offer suggestions for books that might fit. So here is a request I received on FB:

I was wondering if you have a list or recommendations of books with a Pretend/Fake relationship?

While we do tag all our marriage of convenience stories, fake relationships aren’t something we typically have a tag for, so I did some digging. I have pulled together a list of books that fit from our reviews, as well as some reader recommendations from Twitter and FB. If you all have suggestions, I’d love to add them, so please leave them in the comments.

First, here are some recommendations from things we have reviewed highly on the blog that are either marriage of convenience or fake relationship stories:

And here are some reader suggestions:

  • Faking It by Christine d’Abo
  • Faking It by Riley Hart and Devon McCormack
  • Far From Home by Lorelei Brown
  • First Comes Marriage by Shira Anthony
  • Full Disclosure by D.J. Jamison
  • Holiday Hoax by Skylar M. Cates
  • King of the Kitchen by Bru Baker
  • Married for a Month by Cate Ashwood
  • Milk & Honey by Garrett Groves
  • Pull Me Under by Zarah Detand
  • Romancing the Wrong Twin by Clare London
  • The Shipwreck by Rosalind Abel
  • Tall, Dark, and Deported by Bru Baker
  • The Heart of Texas by R.J. Scott
  • Tru Brit by Con Riley

And here are all the books we have reviewed that are marriage of convenience stories, and a newly added tag for fake relationships (though this one isn’t comprehensive since I just created it).

I am going to periodically feature reader requests for book recommendations. So tell us about your particular book crack and we will see what we can recommend! Feel free to email me any time and I’ll run a I Want a Book About… post to feature your question!