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After a (disastrous) failed attempt to grab a government witness and several other mishaps, Sacha Bolic decided to retire from the U.S. Marshalls and return to a small town, Skagit, Washington, where he’d been part of an undercover operation to break up a Russian human trafficking ring. He bought an old building that used to be a bank, and he’s decided to renovate and flip it. One day, Sacha falls off the top of a ladder, bringing down parts of the ceiling. Covered in plaster dust and needing a break, he heads into town for some coffee.

When Seth Culver (literally) runs into a dirty, bleeding man in front of the coffee shop, he’s sure there’s been a car accident. After striking up a conversation, he learns the man’s name is Sacha. Seth’s always been a very open and maybe a little too trusting person, and after finding out there’s no shower in Sacha’s building (he uses the shower at the gym), Seth invites Sacha back to his place to get cleaned up.

The attraction between Sacha and Seth is immediate, but Sacha is looking to find someone to love and settle down with, and Seth is definitely not into commitment. After finding a few hidden boxes behind a wall at Sacha’s building, Seth throws himself into helping, and soon, his defenses are breaking down. As they face down some serious obstacles, the men have to decide whether their budding relationship is worth fighting for.


When I found out a fourth installment of the Accidental Roots series was available, I jumped on it. I’ve been following it from the beginning, and I’ve enjoyed all of the books. I was especially happy because I thought the series ended with the last book, Spring Break. 

As Sure As The Sun follows in the footsteps of the first three stories with great characters with heart and depth. Both Sacha and Seth had believable backstories and personalities that made me care for them instantly. I thought both men were sweet and sexy, and the fact that they’re both on the damaged side tugged at my heartstrings. They both had horrible childhoods that led them to opposite ends of the relationship spectrum. Sacha wants to settle down and raise a family with a man he loves, and Seth wants anything but that, sticking strictly to light, casual, and the occasional hookup.

When they first met, I could feel the spark between them, and I was instantly rooting for them. It was adorable and brought a smile to my face. I never lost hope they’d get their happily ever after, and even though there was a bit of angst sprinkled here and there, I wasn’t disappointed. Their sexual chemistry was off the charts. It was a slower burn, but when the fire was finally lit, it became an inferno. I also enjoyed their emotional connection, even though Seth seemed to try to sabotage it by thinking about how their time together was short and Sacha would move on. I was pleasantly surprised by Sacha. I figured he, as the jaded ex law enforcement officer, would be the one who would be afraid of falling in love. Instead, once he decided he wanted Seth, he was completely in. Meanwhile, Seth broke my heart a little. He was like a lost child, and I wanted to offer him comfort and tell him everything would be alright.

There were quite a few background characters in As Sure As The Sun. In fact, this is my only real knock on the story. I started getting confused when it came to all of them. I had to go back a few times and read over some paragraphs to make sure I was getting everything straight. I’m not going to say you must read the first three books–there is some exposition–but I’m going to recommend it. The stories are somewhat connected as are some of the characters. Also, the seeds are sown for a whole new mystery on (what I see, anyway) two different levels, and I think all of these people will come together to paint the bigger picture.

I felt the end of the book came at exactly the right point. I was satisfied with Sacha and Seth’s romance, and felt sufficient groundwork had been laid for the next book in the series, which I hope will be soon. Sure there are some loose ends, but I’m sure they’ll be neatly tied up in future stories.

I definitely recommend this one.

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