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Camden is a budding and hopeful real estate agent. He also dresses like a dancing hotdog, standing in front of a restaurant. As you probably figured, he doesn’t have much money. Camden is excited when he finally gets a listing on a house, but just as that excitement sets in, his apartment is broken into. It’s completely destroyed, so he has to find a place to stay. Once he wears out his welcome at his best friend’s place, Camden decides to stay in the house he’s going to try to sell, telling himself it’s only for a short time.

Reid used to be a US Marshal, and now he’s a bodyguard. He’s not really happy, and he’s looking forward to taking a leave of absence because his great uncle left him his house, and he’s got to deal with that. Just when he’s ready to leave, Reid is approached by his boss. It seems there is an important witness to gang activity, Lee, who needs to be protected until the trial. The young man is gay, so it’s decided Reid and the witness will pretend to be a couple and live in his great uncle’s house until he’s needed on the stand.

When Reid and Lee arrive at the house in Kansas, they catch Camden half naked and squatting in the house. Cam buys into the idea that Reid and Lee are together, but he and Reid have an attraction that’s very powerful. Cam says he’s not a home wrecker, and Reid must keep Lee safe, so they fight that attraction as long as they can. When they finally give in to their passion, they must figure out how to be together. Cam has questions and suspicions, and Reid wants to tell Cam everything, but that would not only put Cam in danger, but Lee as well. What’s going to happen when Reid let’s his guard down (pun intended) for an evening? Chaos, that’s what.

I’m going to start by saying I enjoyed this book. I liked Cam and Reid, especially Cam. He wants to do what’s right…make an honest living, forget about his drunken ex boyfriend, and most important, not be a cheater. His attraction to Reid is immediate, and the chemistry was burning up my Kindle (the sex scenes were hot!), but he fought the good fight until he finally gave in to his feelings for Reid. I liked Reid’s dedication. He didn’t want to take on this assignment, but he owed someone a favor and wasn’t going to try and back off it. He also fought his attraction to Cam until he couldn’t take it anymore.

The plot was a little contrived, but that wasn’t such a bad thing. It’s a comfortable read. There was also quite a bit of humor, and some of that felt forced. That being said, the story as a whole worked for me.

There were four major background characters…Miguel, Cam’s best friend and fellow realtor, Lee, the former gangster, and Austin, Cam’s ex, and Sherrilyn, yet another realtor and well…bitch. They all fill their roles well. There is a teeny bit of subplot involving Austin, and I liked that. I also liked how everything wrapped up neatly at the end, with a teeny tiny hint of how the second book is going to be.

I will recommend this book to fans of humor and action. I think it’s a good start to a new series and I’m looking forward to book two. Also, I’m going to head over to Amazon to check out some of Jamison’s other work. I want to see if those stories are as good as this one.

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