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After being rescued from his kidnapping and gaining new revelations about his family, Kade is still recovering both physically and emotionally. He is trying to focus on both Ollie and work, but Kade’s depression and anxiety have ratcheted up after all they have recently experienced and he is having trouble functioning. Kade doesn’t want to tell Ollie what is really going on, however. He feels like it is his job to take care of Ollie, who is still recovering himself from his stroke. Plus, Kade always wants to be strong for Ollie and so he is determined to push through, even as he spirals further out of control.

Soon it becomes clear that Kade is not, in fact, all right and that he needs some serious intervention. With Ollie’s help, Kade begins to turn a corner and regain some control and confidence. As Kade gets better, the two begin to explore the issue of what really happened with Ollie’s brother, Nathan. Between Nathan’s suicide, his mysterious wife, and allegations that Nathan was spying on Kade, neither Kade nor Ollie really knows what to think. As Kade and Ollie dig deeper, they begin to learn more about Ollie’s past, uncovering secrets and shaking up everything they thought they knew.

Even as their world gets a little off kilter with all the revelations, Ollie and Kade are still deeply committed to one another. They are determined to learn the truth and move forward to a wedding and a future together.

Model Exposure is the fourth book in the Haven Investigations series and this story really nicely pulls the series together. I am not sure if this is the final book, but Kasey gives us both a happy ending for the men, as well as a resolution to all the various plot elements that have been in play over the series.

The book really divides into two parts for me. The first focuses on Kade and his mental breakdown in the aftermath of the kidnapping and other chaos. Kade is seeing danger at every turn, and his instinct to protect Ollie kinds of starts sending him over the edge. Kade has always been incredibly protective over Ollie. In fact, his sort of alpha need to take care of him, combined with a really paternalistic attitude toward Ollie, is something that has bugged me throughout the series. But here it does tie nicely with Kade’s mental state and we see him pretty much hit rock bottom before pulling things back together. I think this part works well, and is kind of a natural consequence of both what Kade has been through, as well as his intense need to care for Ollie. I liked seeing how the guys deal with things and more forward.

The second part of the story focuses on Ollie’s past, both the bigger picture in terms of his parents and his family life, and then more focused on Nathan and what was really going on with him. We learned at the end of the last book that Nathan was spying for Kade’s dad, so we get more revelations about that connection, as well as others who are involved. On top of that, we finally learn what really happened with Nathan. It is kind of fantastical what was really going on. You have to suspend some disbelief, honestly. But it definitely was an explanation I didn’t see coming at all and it really brings the series full circle to where we started with Nathan’s suicide. That said, things get a little crazy here. The bad guy really felt out of left field to me, and given how nicely the rest of the story ties together with the other books, this felt a little cheap to me in terms of payoff.

As I said, I am not sure if this is the end of the series, but things tie up well and we not only get questions answered, but also get to check in with all the close friends that have become their family. I liked seeing how this group has come together over the course of the books, including Micah, Jacob, Ty, and more. So Kasey does a really nice job here pulling the series together, and I enjoyed this one.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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