PromiseOfHopeShelterRating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Jacob Baumgardner is running an LGBTQ youth shelter in an old building his grandparents left him. He’s got a staff and a few kids are already there, but the shelter’s still not completely ready to fully open. There are several repairs to be made to the building before it’s brought up to code, and there are finances to be considered as far as making those repairs.

Luka Smith works at the local hardware store and he’s also a handyman. Someone arranged for him to meet Jacob to see if he could help with bringing the building up to code and make some extra money on top of that.

As the men work together on the shelter, they realize their feelings for each other are beginning to grow. While they’re falling in love, they have to deal with a church pastor and his wife who don’t want the shelter in their city and a blackmailer trying to get money out of Jacob. Will their budding relationship be able to withstand all this pressure?

The Promise of Hope Shelter is a short, sweet, and to the point little book, and I liked it. It didn’t take me long to read, but it was a nice way to spend an hour. Jacob and Luka were likable men, and they had a nice chemistry. It was very nearly instalove, but that was fine. I actually enjoy that. Sometimes, you just know, you know? They each gave the other what they needed, from repairing the building, to emotional support. They worked as a team at all times, and that was a great part of the story.

Both Jacob and Luka were good characters. They had qualities that made me very fond of them right from the beginning. Neither had a negative attitude or even a chip on their shoulders. Sure, there were some issues with Luka’s past, and Jacob was presented with the idea his beloved grandfather may not have been the man he thought, but all in all, we got to see only the good sides of both.

I briefly mentioned their chemistry. Jacob and Luka had it in spades. They hit it off from the beginning. It was romantic and sweet, and it became sexy as their relationship progressed. I actually liked that they didn’t dive straight into sex, but once they did become intimate, it was smoking hot! There was some good dirty talking, and I always enjoy that. The rest of the sex scenes weren’t so bad either 😉

There were a few background characters who played important roles in the story: the three residents of the shelter, a reporter from the local news broadcast, the other shelter staff, and a cop. All were written well and fit in where they were supposed to. I even saw an opportunity for a sequel in there (fingers crossed).

All in all, I liked The Promise of Hope Shelter, and I am going to recommend it to fans of insta love, low angst, and sweet men with good hearts. I will also be willing to read other books by this author.

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