beguiled audioStory Rating: 4.5 stars
Audio Rating: 4.5 stars

Narrator: Hamish Mckinlay
Length: 6 hours, 33 minutes

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It has been two years since David Lauriston has seen Murdo Balfour. It was hard to move on emotionally when they separated, but David’s law practice is thriving and he is managing to move forward. That is until the King arrives in Edinburgh and David finds himself face to face with Murdo once again. Suddenly all those feelings come rushing back, and David is helpless in the face of the man he has tried to forget.

Beguiled is the second book in Joanna Chambers’ fabulous Enlightenment trilogy and is a wonderful addition to the series. It manages to retain the romance and the allure of the first book, while still moving the series forward in new ways, something that doesn’t always happen with middle books in a trilogy. I love the way Murdo and David are so drawn to each other, how despite himself David just can’t stay away. We see a tenderness here from Murdo as well, and is it clear it is not just the allure of sex, but a genuine caring for David, almost despite himself. This book also is a great historical, with a setting during the famous visit of King George to Scotland. We get to enjoy both the pageantry and excitement of the visit, as well as David’s skepticism about it all. I really love this series and Beguiled is an excellent addition. If you want more detail on the book itself, as well as more of my thoughts, be sure to check out my original review of the ebook.

This audio is once again narrated expertly by Hamish Mckinlay. He really brings these men to life through their voices. Murdo is smooth and silky, elegant and refined. We can feel not just the power, but the confidence that his position brings. But we can also hear the tenderness in him, the bits of vulnerability that David brings out that I particularly love. David is a bit more rough, a product of his rural upbringing. I could really get a feel for both of these men through their voices.

The audio is really nicely done, with great pacing and an easy way about it. Mckinlay does a great job with the side characters, including the female voices. This is really Murdo and David’s story, but there are a lot of other small players that come together well. And there is a nice consistency here between this story and the first in the series.

So I am a huge fan of this series and really am enjoying the audio. I am excited to hear that the third book, Enlightened, will be coming out in audio soon, so there is not long to wait between releases. This is one of my favorite historical series, and I can definitely recommend it in either book or audio format.

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