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Happy day after Thanksgiving, or as it’s better known, Black Friday. Yes, the day of sales. The day you couldn’t get me within a mile of the mall. But lucky for me, there is online shopping!

I just wanted to share with you guys some book-related deals today and also to remind you that shopping through the blog is a great way to help support us at Joyfully Jay. We get a tiny referral bonus when you guys shop at Amazon or iBooks or sign up for Audible. The money goes to help mitigate costs for running things here, so I always appreciate your support.

Here are some some shopping deals as well as some links to online stores. You can use these links any time to shop — once you enter the store, anything you buy will provide a referral credit to the blog, even if you don’t buy books.

Amazon US

International Amazon Stores


Amazon US has a deal to get two free audiobooks if you start a new trial membership.

Amazon UK has a promotion on Audible membership this Black Friday and Cyber Monday: 50% off for 3 months! New customers signing up to Audible via this offer will pay £3.99 per month for 3 months, instead of the regular £7.99 per month. Audible membership includes a credit every month, applicable to any audiobook, regardless of price or length.


Happy Shopping!

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