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Plum was in his corner, curled on the blanket, either asleep or pretending to be. He’d lit one of the lanterns at some point, and it still flickered. Hawk was about to tiptoe inside when he caught himself and marched boldly, boots striking the floor. It’s my cabin, for fuck’s sake.

He dropped the sack on the floor by the corner. “There’s fruit. Mango, orange, and…a plum.”

Dropping any pretense, Plum sat up and opened the rough canvas. “Thank you.” He pulled out the mango and held it in his hands, peering at it curiously, then poking at the skin.

“Here.” Hawk took his dagger from his belt and handed it to him. Only once the brass handle was in Plum’s grasp did he stop to question just what the fuck he was doing. This is why I should keep to one cup of rum.

But Plum only peeled the fruit before passing the weapon back. He took a tentative bite of the mango, then moaned. Juice dripped down his fingers, and his tongue darted out, licking them clean, as if he didn’t want to waste a drop.

Hawk spun around and started tugging at his soaked clothes, commanding himself to ignore the coiling heat in his belly. He stripped them off and stretched out naked on the bed, determined to go to sleep.

It had been a long day, and he’d had to be on guard in Nassau—weighing every word, performing, wearing his cursedly hot coat, satisfied with the whispers that followed in his wake. “There goes the Sea Hawk.”

Now he could exhale and relax. Well, he would if Plum stopped making such obscene noises. Each slurp and sigh of pleasure went straight to Hawk’s prick.

To hell with it.

He took himself in hand, because why the devil shouldn’t he? It was his cabin, and he didn’t give a fuck what his prisoner thought. Even if a glance told him his prisoner was now transfixed, the rest of the fruit abandoned in his lap, eyes locked on Hawk’s stiffening rod.

With his right hand tucked behind his head, Hawk spread his legs. He licked his palm with a long, slow stroke, then spit in it a few times. Lazily, he worked himself to full hardness, Plum’s feverish gaze boring into his skin, setting him aflame.

He could only glimpse Plum’s shadow from the corner of his eye in the low, guttering light of the lantern, but was certain he watched every pass of Hawk’s hand over his shaft.

Get it done and go to sleep.

Yet he couldn’t ignore Plum’s curious hunger. Couldn’t deny himself the thrill of it, even though he knew it was madness. He’d kept himself in check for so long.

More than that, it was forever since Hawk had been desired with such pure, raw honesty. Why shouldn’t he have a taste of forbidden fruit? Just this once, if Plum wanted it.

Is it honesty, though? Or is he playing me like Mr. Cooper’s fiddle? Trying to ensure his survival?

The merry tune Cooper currently played in the forecastle as the men caroused echoed faintly through the ship beyond the din of the storm. Hawk should close his eyes, jerk himself quickly to completion, and let the distant music be his lullaby.

Yet his craving would not be denied. Hawk would leave it up to Plum. Teasing back the hood from his cock, he asked, “Does it make your prick hard, to watch me?” For the space of too many heartbeats, each faster and faster, he was afraid there would be no reply.

Then, from the darkness, a breathy answer. “Yes.”

Relief shouldn’t have sweetened his veins, but it flowed. It was unwise to play these games with his prisoner—his bounty. But really, what better revenge than deflowering Bainbridge’s son? What a blow to the snake’s pride that would be.

And if it gave Hawk the opportunity to touch those trim muscles, to taste and explore… All the better. A slow smile lifted his lips. “Do you want a closer look?”

On tentative feet, Plum neared, wide eyes darting between Hawk’s face and his cock. Bending up his left leg with his foot flat on the mattress, Hawk ignored the twinging from his stitches and rocked his hips, his body afire, in danger of being consumed by Plum’s gaze alone—by the longing in it.

If it was false, Plum belonged on the London stage. His chest rose and fell rapidly, and he licked his lips before blurting, “I want… If I should die, first I want…” He seemed to be searching for the right words before croaking, “I don’t want to die like this.”

“Like what?” Hawk raked his gaze down Plum’s body and up again. The shirt was hanging loosely, obscuring the tenting of his breeches, but Hawk was certain he was hard. Oh, he ached to see that swelling cock, to behold the evidence of Plum’s desire.

Plum opened and closed his mouth with a snap, and Hawk put him out of his scarlet-cheeked misery. “A virgin?”

Sighing, Plum nodded. “I’ve been too afraid.”

Hawk’s blood sang, a primal, possessive urge galloping through him. “Truly, no man ever bent you? No lady slipped her hand into your breeches behind the rosebushes, or whore plied her trade?”

“Never. I don’t want a lady. Or a whore. Only a man. I don’t know why, but it’s always been like that for me.”

His innocence was as intoxicating as the damn rum, and Hawk reached out his hand and crooked his finger.

Adam’s apple bobbing, Plum took another step, still out of reach. “Is it… Would you rather have a woman? Or…” he whispered, eyes shining with unmistakable hope, “Are you like me? Unnatural?”

It was absurd to betray any truth, yet thinking of John earlier had stirred up the memories of how it had felt to know such fear and loneliness for the crime of one’s own nature. He found himself nodding.

But his desire wasn’t selfless—far from it. The urge to be the first to plunder that sweet, tight arse beat in Hawk like a war drum, and it was all he could do to keep himself in check.

Leaving his hard prick alone for the moment, lest he embarrass himself, he caressed his nipples instead, satisfied when Plum’s gaze followed his fingers.

Hawk said, “I tried a woman once. Friction took its course. But it wasn’t like this.” He took hold of his shaft again, thumbing over the head. “Do you want me to show you? How it can be between two men?”

Jerking his head in a nod, Plum yanked off his clothing and tossed it aside bravely. His long, slim prick stood straight out from a nest of dark curls, bollocks heavy between his legs. Tension rippled through his lean muscles, and in the fading lamplight his flesh was golden, light-brown hair scattered thinly over his chest and body. His nipples were a dusky rose, peaked without being touched.

And oh, how Hawk wanted to touch.

Copyright © Keira Andrews

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Kidnapped by the PirateWill a virgin captive surrender to this pirate’s sinful touch?

Nathaniel Bainbridge is used to hiding, whether it’s concealing his struggles with reading or his forbidden desire for men. Under the thumb of his controlling father, the governor of Primrose Isle, he’s sailing to the fledging colony, where he’ll surrender to a respectable marriage for his family’s financial gain. Then pirates strike and he’s kidnapped for ransom by the Sea Hawk, a legendary villain of the New World.

Bitter and jaded, Hawk harbors futile dreams of leaving the sea for a quiet life, but men like him don’t deserve peace. He has a score to settle with Nathaniel’s father—the very man whose treachery forced him into piracy—and he’s sure Nathaniel is just as contemptible.

Yet as days pass in close quarters, Nathaniel’s feisty spirit and alluring innocence beguile and bewitch. Although Hawk knows he must keep his distance, the desire to teach Nathaniel the pleasure men can share grows uncontrollable. It’s not as though Hawk would ever feel anything for him besides lust…

Nathaniel realizes the fearsome Sea Hawk’s reputation is largely invented, and he sees the lonely man beneath the myth, willingly surrendering to his captor body and soul. As a pirate’s prisoner, he is finally free to be his true self. The crew has been promised the ransom Nathaniel will bring, yet as danger mounts and the time nears to give him up, Hawk’s biggest battle could be with his own heart.

This May-December gay romance from Keira Andrews features classic tropes including: a tough alpha pirate too afraid to love, a plucky virgin captive half his age, enemies to lovers, first-time sexual discovery, and of course a happy ending. 85,000 words.


Keira AndrewsAfter writing for years yet never really finding the right inspiration, Keira discovered her voice in gay romance, which has become a passion. She writes contemporary, historical, paranormal, and fantasy fiction, and—although she loves delicious angst along the way—Keira firmly believes in happy endings. For as Oscar Wilde once said, “The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means.”


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