small favorite booksHi gang! Today I am back with another installment of one of my favorite features, our Favorite Book Lists! This is where we pick a theme or trope and share our favorite books that fit.

The lists are usually inspired by things I am currently reading and I realized how much I enjoy a good boss/employee story. Sometimes we get what I call the “Gray’s Anatomy set up” where the guys end up meeting and connecting before realizing they will be working together, then face the shock of walking in and seeing their hookup at the office. But it can also be fun when a boss and employee simply fall for one another and can’t resist the feelings between them despite their work connection.

Here are some of our favorite stories featuring a boss and employee. And you can see all the books with that tag here. If you have some of your own favorites, I’d love to hear them in the comments!

[last updated: 1/30/20]

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