small favorite booksHi gang! Today I am back with another edition of our Favorite Book Lists! This installment is our Favorite Roommate Stories!

I love this theme as a twist on the Friends/Enemies to Lovers genre. One of the things I like about friends to lovers is that the partners are people who really know each other well. They aren’t all about the flash that comes from trying to impress someone. They are people who already have a connection as friends, and something sparks to turn things romantic. With roommates, that is amped up even more. They see you with messy hair and sweatpants and desperately in need of coffee. You share bathrooms and kitchens and TVs. There is no hiding when you are in love with your roommate. They know the good and the bad and if they still want you, you have the magic.

Here is a list of our top rated books that feature roommates. If you want to see all of our reviews featuring roommate stories, you can check them out here. And if we have missed any that you love, please let us know in the comments!


[Last updated: 1/20/20]

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