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Ian has been in love with his best friend Mitch almost since the first time they met as teens. He’s tried to tell Mitch how he feels, but Ian always backs out at the last minute. Ian is now determined to tell Mitch his feelings, but before he can get the words out, Mitch introduces him to his new boyfriend, Dusty. Ian cannot believe that Mitch didn’t tell him he was dating anyone, let alone in love with someone, and just like that, Ian is crushed.

Dusty knows he has found the one and is all in with his relationship with Mitch. But he’s not even sure how to compete with Mitch and Ian’s friendship. There was never anything romantic between Mitch and Ian, but Dusty senses their closeness. Still, Dusty is determined to make it work with Mitch, but Ian is getting under his skin as well.

Mitch wants nothing more than his best friend and his boyfriend to get along. But maybe they are starting to get along too well and Mitch also begins to have romantic feelings for Ian. Life and feelings get way too complicated until the men realize that perhaps they don’t have to choose and maybe the three of them were inevitable all along.

Sometimes you take a chance on a new author and A Bolt of Blue paid off. The book is told in one of my favorite styles of alternating first person point of view and while the men did sound similar at times, we get to know each of them fairly well. The book opens with Ian getting ready to finally tell his best friend Mitch that he is and has been in love with him for years. The guys are extremely close friends, but their friendship was sacred and Ian never wanted to mess anything up. Ian is heartbroken to learn that not only does Mitch have a boyfriend that he’s serious about, but that he kept it from Ian for several weeks.

The book is character driven as the men each try to navigate their feelings for the other. It was interesting the way the story was set up and the different dynamics that each guy has with the others. Mitch and Ian have the history of years of close friendship, Dusty and Mitch have family issues in common, and Dusty and Ian just get each other on a different level. It’s easy to see how the three of them work and the chemistry among them all is also a focal point and comes off the page as well.

There is minor cheating, which is not kept hidden for any length of time and it reads as realistic of how you can be in love with more than one person. Dusty loves Mitch but also starts to develop feelings for Ian and Ian always wanted Mitch, never wanted to hurt him, and develops feelings for Dusty as well. Lines do get crossed and feelings get hurt, but it takes a while for these guys to even have the thought that the three of them could possibly be together.

When things do go wrong for the guys, they spend some time on their own and there is tension to keep the story moving. While, again, I liked the realistic aspect of it, there was also only so much time in the book and the men get together as threesome well into the story. They talk about how their relationship will work and how they want to build a relationship one on one as well as a threesome, but there was less time to see the day to day of it play out.

I enjoyed reading this book all the way through. While the chemistry and attraction between the men was well done, it was also a reasonable approach to finding love with more than one partner and I would definitely suggest this book to readers looking for that. This book is also listed as the first in a series and I would most certainly follow up on any other books set in this world.

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