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Blood Drop is the fifth book in Jacob Z. Flores’ The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge series and the second in which the partner of one of the Blackmoor brothers is the first-person narrator. The focus this time is upon Aiden Teine, once upon a time Prince of the Fae but rejected by his father for being the first vampyre fae. He is now living in the human world as a member of the extended Blackmoor family, with his blood-tied boyfriend, Thad.

Aiden is struggling, desperately trying to cling on to his fire fae self that is at war with the vampyre within him and it is this darker side that Aiden feels is growing stronger. Though Aiden has previously grounded himself with his love for Thad, Aiden discovers that his transformation is not actually complete and that to stop Icarian and save the Blackmoor family, he must discover this new identity and fully embrace it.

With the title, Blood Drop, Flores neatly connects this novel to Blood Tied, the second book of the series in which Aiden and Thad met. Every time I read one of these books I do not think they can get any better and yet every single time, Flores proves me wrong! Blood Drop is edge-of-your-seat-can’t-put-down-reading and Flores manages to build tension and engage my emotions, as well as continuing to develop the plot of this already intricate series.

For me, the characters have always been the stars of these books and Aiden is no exception. Aiden is empathetic and I think his ability to sense the emotions of others makes him more open to us. At no point does Flores allow us to forget the depth of the connection between Aiden and Thad, but we also understand that it is not only Aiden’s love for his boyfriend that drives his actions, but his love for the Blackmoor family as a whole. It is not just the fact that he refers to them frequently as “my family” that indicates this, but more so, the fact that he is willing to give up everything to save them. Aiden’s journey in Blood Drop is a dark one, taking him to an even more dangerous place than his vampyre nature takes him. Aiden sacrifices everything he is and has and he does this so unselfishly and readily that we cannot help but admire him.

But this was bigger than all of us. All of magic was on the line, and whether Thad knew it or not, so were his life and the lives of his brothers. While I would never let Thad sacrifice himself, I’d gladly offer myself up in return, no matter how badly it hurt.

This would not be a Warlock Brother of Havenbridge novel without the cast of secondary characters we expect and Flores delivers, as well as one or two surprises. The revelations in terms of characters were not entirely unexpected, but I think that I was so involved with the story that I was caught up in the shock of Aiden and the Blackmoor family and consequently, I was overcome with the emotions they felt.

If I am honest, the formula of Blood Drop is not different from the rest of the books in the series; the protagonist has to discover a strength he did not realize he had and there is a magical battle with consequences. Yet, for me, as a reader who has devoured every Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge story, Flores still made Blood Drop feel exciting and unpredictable.

Blood Drop is a brilliant piece of writing, mainly because Aiden and the events that take place are otherworldly, but I still loved, laughed, and wept with the characters. Of course, I recommend Blood Drop, but please note that it is imperative that this series be read in order.

Please, can I have more than 5 stars Joyfully Jay?!

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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