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Length: Novella

Grant works in real estate. He’s constantly busy and hasn’t had a day off for as long as he can remember. Grant has worked particularly hard on a presentation for an extremely wealthy potential client, but he’s a little nervous. Those nerves cause him to forget some important documents in his apartment and he returns to get them. Now he’s running late, and as he’s hurrying out of building, he runs smack dab into the middle of a group of dogs on leashes…and the man who is taking them all for their walks. With business on his mind, Grant is furious and begins to yell at the dog walker, who just stands there, smiling, listening to Grant rave.

Max is that dog walker. He’s a very laid back man who walks the dogs, plays music, and does odd jobs to keep himself going. His philosophy is “go with the flow.” He can’t help but smile when he meets the man who is wound up so tight, he may snap. Max thinks Grant could use a day off, and tells him so. He even says, “have a nice day” when Grant leaves. Imagine his surprise when, while at the dog park, Max sees the stressed out Grant again. Max invites Grant to join him and the dogs, and he listens as the handsome stranger begins to talk about what brought him there.

The men begin a tentative relationship, with Grant learning to relax. However, he’s still not quite over being an over achiever, and it’s possible this attitude can ruin a good thing before it has a chance to grow into something wonderful.

Chilling With Max was a cute little novella, and I enjoyed reading it. It’s a traditional opposites attract story and I love that trope. I always get a kick out of the moment when the characters finally find a middle ground, and this was no exception.

Grant and Max were good characters. I liked them both. I was very fond of Max. I love a man who loves animals. Also, he was described as having a top knot. In my mind’s eye, I was actually seeing a “man bun,” and you may know what that means. Brock O’Hurn. **Drool. Sigh. Squeal** There was chemistry to spare, from their first meeting all the way to the end. Their banter was cute and amusing. Their love/sex scenes were hot with an underlying sweetness. I also enjoyed reading about Grant’s transition once he finally realized he needed to stop and smell the roses.

There were a few background characters worth mentioning. Max comes from a huge blended family, and a few well intentioned siblings are there for him to help sort out his feelings about Grant. Grant’s an only child, but his parents are supportive and give him the same sort of advice Max’s family gave him. A few of Grant’s co workers are featured, and with the exception of one man, Jerry, they’re jerks. That’s fine, though. Even a lovely book about love and romance needs a jerk or two. All of these people fulfilled their roles nicely. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by a lot of names. Names aren’t even necessary, and you’ll still understand what’s going on.

The small conflict is rather predictable, but it’s ok. It’s necessary to move the story to it’s climax, and that climax was just like it should have been. Once again, predictable, but comforting. It made me happy, and I’d have loved to be able to keep reading if the story had been longer.

This is the third installment in the Love Off Leash collection, and the second written by Bonnie Dee. I reviewed book one, Caring for Riggsback in June. It was a good story as well. Even though this is part of a collection, they’re all stand alones. There are no cross characters are plots for you to be confused over. I recommend this novella to anyone who loves an opposites attract story, loves dogs, and loves a sexy tender romance.

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