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Today I am so pleased to welcome Heidi Cullinan to Joyfully Jay. Heidi has come to share an exclusive and sexy excerpt from her latest release, The Christmas Fling (which I reviewed here). Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Terry blinked and turned around, the sensual spell Evan had been casting broken. “We’re going to what?”

Evan gave him an exasperated look through his glasses. “Shower. I’d like to have sex with you now, which I assume you know is why I brought you out here, but we need to shower first.”

Terry shook his head in disbelief. “How you ever get laid at all is a complete mystery to me.”

“I don’t usually have to have this much conversation. I prefer escorts. But of course, there aren’t any such services up here. It’s been quite stressful.”

This whole scene was giving Terry whiplash. One minute Evan was too weird for words, the next he was dragging Terry into his orbit, and then he was back to weird again. “You use escorts. Exclusively? You never just go out and try to meet someone?”

“No, I don’t go out and try to meet people.” Evan shuddered. “Why would I ever want to do such a thing? Crowded bars, all that noise and smell, and then I have to make small talk when what I want is to find a man to have sex with? No. I’d rather pay a professional.”

“Even though it’s illegal?”

“It’s ridiculous that it’s illegal. If it were regulated, escorts could unionize and ensure they had legal protections against poorly behaved clients.”

He had a point, but the idea of never going out and meeting someone, really getting to know them and fall in love with them, left Terry cold. “Don’t you ever want companionship? More than just sex?”

Evan gave him an impatient look. “Do we honestly have to discuss this right now? We could have been halfway through a shower already and that much closer to a blow job for one of us.”

This was the craziest hookup Terry had ever had. Normally at this point in the date Terry was sabotaging things without meaning to, but he was so confused he was spending all his energy attempting to keep up. “I’m not exactly in the mood anymore. This is a little weird.”

“If you let me get you naked, I promise, I can get you in the mood.”

If Evan had made the statement with even a smidgen of a boast, Terry would have been out of there in a heartbeat, but Evan made this declaration with the same no-nonsense tone he said everything else as if it were a simple fact he couldn’t help. Terry couldn’t decide if he should glare at him, walk out, or laugh.

Before he could make up his mind, Evan put a hand on Terry’s hip, drawing him closer. Not pulling their bodies together, but putting Terry into his orbit so when Evan spoke again, that intense gaze bore into Terry, making his heart beat faster.

“You have such a handsome face, but your eyes, Kevin. They captivate me.”

What was Terry supposed to say to that? “Thank you.”

Evan was still staring at him. “I’m enthralled by you. I wasn’t going to pick up anyone tonight, but you were so special, I couldn’t resist.”

Again, that should have been the cheesiest line ever, but from Evan, it sounded sincere.

Evan kept going. “I like the way you’re put together. You have a good design. Excellent shoulders. Nice hips.” His other hand rose to card fingers through Terry’s beard before stroking his cheek, rubbing his thumb across Terry’s lip. “The beard is wild. It makes me wonder if you’re as untamed and rough as this hair once someone strips you down.”

Terry had to swallow several times before he could speak, and he couldn’t seem to raise his gaze higher than Evan’s lips. “I…didn’t mean for the beard to get this long. It…just happened.”

“Even better. Your subliminal animal is rising. The question is, when I draw it all the way out of you, will you want to fight me, or follow me?”

This scene was getting out of Terry’s league so fast. Or rather, it was skirting into territory he’d been to but didn’t revisit lightly, and definitely not with a soon-to-be coworker. He needed to call a timeout, tell Evan he wasn’t Kevin, that he was, in fact, the architect he was about to work with. To explain he wasn’t against having sex with him, but maybe they shouldn’t, since they were going to work together, and certainly they shouldn’t do something weird and kinky that involved the word animal.

Except Evan’s touch rendered Terry unable to move or speak. He couldn’t look away, could barely breathe. When Evan’s fingertips slid along the sides of his throat, he let out a sigh, a strange, guttural sound he hadn’t known he could make.

Chuckling, Evan leaned in and kissed Terry, a brush of lips that lingered, encouraging their mouths open until their tongues tangled with one another. Evan teased at the line of Terry’s beard. “You’re not going to fight me at all. You’re going to follow me every step of the way, aren’t you?” He shifted his focus to Terry’s shirt. “Let’s start now.”

It wasn’t until Evan undid the buttons of the polo and clutched the hem in his fists that Terry realized Evan meant to undress him, right here in the basement. “Wait—”

Evan silenced him with two fingers, then lifted his hand and continued to undo Terry’s belt. “Don’t worry. I’ll undress too. But I want to unwrap you first. I’ve been dying to see what you look like in your prime all night.”

Don’t worry. As it he could do anything else! “I don’t think—”

“I don’t believe this is the time for you to think at all, do you? You’re about to have the best shower of your life, followed by an erotic massage, and then a blow job. And that’s just the opening act. What in the world is there to think about?” Evan smiled and stroked Terry’s neck, gentling him as if he were a spooked horse. “Now be good and raise your hands over your head.”

Terry shut his eyes and shivered—and complied.


christmas flingSometimes it takes a village to fall in love.

Eccentric, reclusive, socially awkward project designer Evan Myles doesn’t date. Paying for sex with professionals is so much more efficient and suits his needs well enough. But when he’s on assignment in rural Logan, Minnesota, for the Christmas Town project and a handsome stranger at the bar catches his attention, Evan decides it’s time to break his rule. It doesn’t matter that he’s never so much as flirted before. It can’t be that hard, can it?

Davidson Incorporated lead architect Terry Reid hasn’t been hit on so clumsily in his life. Terry’s the first to admit he’s a neurotic Prince Charming, and he’s kissed his share of male and female frogs, but he’s never met anyone quite like Evan Myles. Evan calls Terry by the wrong name, mistakes Terry for a simple construction worker, and picks apart his work as an architect. Despite this rough start, Terry is lured by the brilliance of Evan’s ideas, his quirky personality, and once they’re alone in Evan’s cabin, the man’s mad skills in bed. Yet Terry knows it takes more than a single night of passion to make a relationship work, and after so many failures, he’s just not ready to try again.

Evan and Terry’s path is strewn with stones neither of them can dislodge. Fortunately, they’re not alone on the road to romance. They’re in Christmas Town, home to matchmakers, meddlers, and more “fairy godfathers” than they could possibly know what to do with.

Most importantly, in Logan, Minnesota, happy ever after is guaranteed.


Heidi Cullinan author photoAuthor of over thirty titles, Heidi Cullinan has always enjoyed a good love story, provided it has a happy ending. Proud to be from the first Midwestern state with full marriage equality, Heidi is a vocal advocate for LGBT rights. She writes positive-outcome romances for LGBT characters struggling against insurmountable odds because she believes there’s no such thing as too much happy ever after. When Heidi isn’t writing, she enjoys playing with new recipes, reading romance and manga, playing with her cats, and watching too much anime. Find out more about Heidi at heidicullinan.com.