63 Days LaterRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella
Keegan and August have been out of the Alaskan wilderness for 18 months and 63 days and it’s almost Christmas. The men have settled into a small cabin in Virginia, where there is plenty of room for Daisy, the wolf pup that adopted them, to run around. But Daisy has a surprise for them and life all of a sudden becomes incredibly busy.

Keegan still does best in their quiet environment and the emotional scars from being out in the wilderness alone for so many years have made returning to civilization a difficult adjustment. It’s August that gets him through though and the love they have for each other shows itself every day in a world far away from the harsh wilderness.

This story was a great follow up to Wild, which introduced us to August and Keegan. My opinion is that this book shouldn’t be read as a stand alone as you will lose the introduction to the bond the men have formed, you will miss out on why Keegan is traumatized, and you will certainly miss out on why Daisy is so special to them.

This book is a look into the life that August and Keegan have put together for themselves since leaving Alaska. They are truly committed to one another and really only need each other to feel complete. Keegan struggles with anxiety, but August works their life around making Keegan feel as adjusted as possible. The men are also still crazy hot for each other and still cannot get enough of each other and their private cabin is their refuge from the world.

A good portion of this story involves Daisy. She is such a special and well drawn animal and has her own place as a character in this book. I’m not going to mention what the story line with her is here as just like on Christmas morning, it’s better to unwrap this one yourself. But I will say that it’s entirely entertaining. August and Keegan play off of each other so well and mostly August’s reactions keep the story light and fun.

There was one area that truly bothered me, however. In the first book, August’s leg is severely injured, which causes him to have pain and difficulty walking and it had not been repaired by the end of the book. In this book, it’s still referred to as his “bad leg” but we see August crouched on the ground, squished into a car with his legs bent, and with his legs wrapped around Keegan as they have amazing wall sex. Given the way the injuries had been described, especially as we are told he has had no treatment, none of this seemed likely and the consistency there pulled me out of the book continually.

Trying to put that aside though, this is the book that was needed to catch up with August and Keegan as they live and love and stay warm together forever, with Daisy by their side. If you’ve read Wild, this is definitely recommended.

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