Jingle SpellRating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Davey is a cashier at a New York department store. He’s unhappy with his hours and his boss and the neverending Christmas shoppers. He’s also unhappy that the man he’s been exclusive with for the past three months is apparently more interested in Grindr profiles than him. So, Davey’s heartbroken and frustrated when he meets Avery in line at his store.

Avery turns up on Davey’s Cinderfella app and they chat a bit. Meeting is kismet, but Davey’s sure Avery will just break his heart, too, like everyone else. His abusive father isn’t in the picture, and his devoted mother died suddenly—and likely due to the abuse she’d suffered in their home, so Davey’s pretty much used to being alone. It seems like Avery might be the Prince Charming he’s been waiting for…until his ex arrives on the scene.

This is a cute Christmas romance, but had some issues that reduced my enjoyment. Davey’s narration is patently abrupt, and made me feel as if he’s an immature character. Also, I was frustrated by the deeply-rooted Queen’s English. In a story of two “Americans” in New York, for me that’s just a non-starter. Avery is a gem who Davey would be sad to lose, for sure. And Davey is sad after a predictable tantrum about the ex. Again, Davey acting petulant and immature made it hard to find him likable, even in the face of his sympathetic backstory. Expect an HEA once Davey figures out not fighting for Avery and what love they’d developed was the same as walking away.

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