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Length: Novella

Colt is spending his third year in Michigan. Hailing from Texas, he’s still not used to the snow and freezing temperatures. He misses his family and he’s feeling depressed. One night, Colt is outside on his back porch having a smoke when he spots a shivering little dog. Realizing he can’t just leave the poor thing in the cold, Colt brings it into his house, dries him off, and checks the dog’s tag. The address and phone number are unreadable, but what he can see is the dog’s name…Roger. 

Colt searches to see if he can find Roger’s owner, but he’s not having any luck. Meanwhile, he’s becoming attached to the little guy. Several hundred dollars later, Roger has toys, a crate, food dishes, and a nice leash. Thanks to Roger, Colt begins to get into the spirit of Christmas. Everything is going along swimmingly until Christmas Eve. That’s when Colt hears a knock on his door.

What a sweet little story! I loved every bit of it. I felt for Colt right away. He was so sad and so lonely, it was hard not to want to hug him. He had left Texas three years earlier after a big break up, and he misses his home and family. When he comes upon little Roger he finds himself feeling better…lighter. The snuggling and playing has a positive effect on him so much, he even gets a Christmas tree.

Unfortunately, the moment he’d been dreading arrives sooner rather than later. On Christmas Eve, Colt answers his door to Killian, Roger’s owner. Even though Colt is sad to have to say goodbye to Roger, he and Killian hit it off pretty well. They have coffee and talk awhile, and they exchange phone numbers. I’m not going to tell you how it all ends because it’s so sweet, you should read it for yourself.

I found Roger to be a short, very cute way to spend a half hour. At around 60 pages, it felt like just the right length. I loved how Roger changed Colt’s life in just a few days. I also loved the chemistry between Colt and Killian. There was no sex, only a kiss, but that kiss held such promise. The epilogue was charming and made me smile. It also wrapped up the story in a neat, Christmasy bow. I highly recommend giving Roger a read. It’s a real feel good story that I guarantee will make you say, “Awwww!”

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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