SunburntRating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Lenox Winters cannot wait to get away. Although he’s got a good life in London and he’s the son of a famous rocker, Lenox much prefers the laid back vibe in Ibizia. He also wants to get away from his ex, but nowhere may be far enough from him. But Lenox’s closest friends are going with him and he has plans to enjoy the sun and sand. He wasn’t planning at all on meeting Lyric.

Lyric has spent most of his life on Ibizia and the bohemian style suits him well. The men are intrigued by each at first glance and a holiday romance blossoms between the two. Lenox even starts thinking of the possibility of more than just a passing fling as Lyric truly captivates him. But Lyric has an unsettling past and not everything is always as it seems. Lenox cannot be at all prepared for what happens when a seemingly perfect vacation romance goes so very wrong.

I have reviewed one other book by Joey Jameson and the style of that book twisted and turned, so I was intrigued by this story, as well as expecting some more twists along the way here. There isn’t a lot that can be said about this book without truly ruining the enjoyment of it and while the blurb itself doesn’t really give anything away, I almost wished I hadn’t read it so I could have truly gone into this book without knowing anything about it.

The story is told in three parts and we are told early on about an incident regarding one of the characters. The story then winds its way around so we can learn how we got to the beginning of the book. The story is told from different points of view (by section) and in a “now” and “then” style. It is incredibly easy to follow and Jameson writes a tight narrative that never wavers or wanders.

Lenox is part of a wealthy, successful family that he is close to, but he still wants to make it on his own and pay his own way. He just got out of an abusive relationship and is wary and afraid. He meets Lyric and immediately feels at ease. The men have that instant spark together, though Lyric is hesitant at first about getting involved with Lenox, but is continually drawn to him.

The story is about a lot of things—it’s about what will ultimately break a person and it’s about perspective and what a person can and cannot see. I will tell you that this book is incredibly well done and that both characters draw empathy and it raises the question about whether any of that empathy is misplaced at the close of the book. I will tell you that this book starts out as a romance, but that there is absolutely no HEA. It’s even stated in the warning for the book. There is not even the slightest hint of an HFN and if that is a requirement, look far away from this one.

When the POV shifts, so does the focus of the book, and there was one aspect where I will admit to feeling cheated that it wasn’t at all expanded on and felt incomplete for me as I would have liked much more closure in that area.

Jameson writes a story of intrigue, as well as violence, in a tropical setting. If you like the darker side and are looking for something well done and different, give Sunburnt a try. It’s a story that will stay with me for a long time to come.

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