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Nate has his whole life planned out. He’s the youngest VP ever at the finance company where he works and he doesn’t care if people like him since “he didn’t sign up for the job to make friends.” He works so much that he dreads the weekends because he has no idea what to do with himself. However, Nate tells himself that he is on track, and he’s careful with his money so he can retire young.

Relationships don’t work for Nate either and casual hookups are where it’s at. When the building’s security guard, Thiago, visits him in his office one night after hours, Nate can’t take his eyes off the super hot Brazilian who Nate assumes is straight. It’s not long before Nate is bent over his desk with Thiago right behind him. But while the attraction is intense, Nate knows that the guys could never be compatible. But they can’t keep their hands off of each and enter into a relationship that’s one part lust and one part obsession.

Thiago is billed as an erotic romance, but it was neither erotic nor romantic for me. The book is told through Nate’s first person point of view and while first person is still a favorite of mine, Nate’s mind is not at all where I wanted to be and I was not interested in listening to Thiago either. Nate works all the time, doesn’t care if people like him, has a sense of disdain for his mother and sister, and thinks that he could never be compatible with “…some foreign-born dude without a college education.” Nate’s a real prize.

The dialogue did not work for me at all—nope not at all. The book is mostly one recurring sex scene after the next with an extremely loose plot added in. On the surface, that can be okay if those sex scenes are in any way appealing. However, there was nothing that appealed to me about this book and while I can submit the entire book by way of evidence, I’ll break out some excerpts here.

Nate and Thiago have one brief conversation to assess each other that goes like this: “I like meetin’all kinds of people. But I’m just a security guard. You—you got a good job. Nice office. Somethin’ to offer someone.” He grins. “Betcha get laid all the time.

That’s the meet and greet before Nate is over his desk thinking: “My heartbeat pounds in my chest, and my fuckhole sweats in anticipation.” And he thinks: “I want Thiago to bust into my office and rape my ass on at least a daily basis. I want that cock stuffed up my rump morning, noon, and night.

On another occasion he thinks “Nice to see his big bazooka of a schlong again” and Nate is impressed with Thiago’s “amazing-donkey sized proportions” and thinks about Thiago’s “swampy burrow” while he’s “a happy pig, impregnated with Thiago’s sperm.” There is also talk of “bleating” and “breeding” to round it all out.

All the while Thiago is more vocal, with quotes like: “Yeah my dirty baby. Make me so hard. Want your hot pussy” and “Wanna fuck you, baby. Got me crazy for it. Wanna lick it, too. You let me eat it sometime?” And on and on it went. Each scene was more of the same and the only variation was when they all of a sudden decided they were going to refer to each other as “daddy” and “boy.”

The men become obsessed with each other sexually and that is the basis for their relationship. They can’t stay away from each other and start hooking up after hours while Thiago is working the security night shift while being drunk, or they send each other dick pics while Thiago jerks off at work, or they spend time in several public restrooms. There is a progression to their relationship as Thiago moves in with Nate, but Thiago will never feel good enough for Nate and the moment he moves in they fight, they are insanely jealous, they walk out on each other, and Nate makes rather questionable decisions. There is also an immigration issue tagged on toward the end, which by that point didn’t add anything to the story.

This book was a struggle for me right from the start and declined with each page. It was clearly not to my liking and I was looking for a way out shortly after I got in. But, if the examples are to your liking, then this may be the book for you.

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