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Length: Novella

Ace and Gavin have an open relationship and occasionally like to bring in a third. When Ace sees Jonathan, he thinks the sexy man would be a great way to spice up the holidays. It turns out that Jonathan is a perfect fit for the couple, both in and out of the bedroom.

Jonathan has a problem with falling hard and fast, and he has gotten himself hurt in the past when his feelings aren’t reciprocated. He is totally drawn to Ace and Gavin and would love if their one night turned into more. But even as the threesome begin spending more time together, Jonathan worries he is setting himself up to be disappointed when the couple grows tired of him.

Both Gavin and Ace are definitely interested in Jonathan for more than a one night stand, but no one is quite sure how to bring up their growing feelings. Now the three men have to figure out if they can turn one night together into something much more lasting.

Three Under the Christmas Tree is a hot and sexy holiday novella that I really enjoyed. It starts off pretty steamy and sex focused as these guys first get together, but Violet does a really nice job here developing the characters and giving us a chance to get to know them and showing them getting to know each other. Sometimes with menage stories, especially when it’s a couple adding a third, the men can blend together. But here I felt like each of the men was distinct and developed nicely given the shorter story length.

The crux of the conflict here is that all the men are interested in more, but they aren’t quite sure how to bring it up. Jonathan worries he is not wanted as more than a fling, and Gavin and Ace are considering a change to their existing relationship that they need to work through. However, I liked that while lack of communication is at the center of the conflict, it doesn’t drag on or weigh the story down with their inability to talk. Again, it may be the length of the book, but the pacing felt right for the discovery of their feelings and the ultimate discussion on their future.

So I really enjoyed this one and found it a fun, quick, and sexy read. If you are looking for something a little steamier this holiday season, definitely check out Three Under the Christmas Tree.

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