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Will and Patrick have been married two years now and they are finally getting to take their honeymoon. After such a crazy start to their marriage and the fact that neither man was sure the other would want to stay married, it seems like a great time to celebrate their love and commitment to each other. It is not easy for Patrick to disengage from work (or his obsession with the gossip app The Hurting Times), but he has planned what he hopes will be an incredibly romantic honeymoon with Will in a top secret location.

Getting away isn’t easy for Will either, between his job and the fact that his sister is leaving for college. Will’s mother is being particularly needy now that Caitlyn is leaving and she isn’t happy about Will heading out of town too. But he is determined to have a romantic getaway with Patrick.

The two men are ready for a romantic vacation just the two of them. But getting Will’s family to leave them in peace won’t be easy.

Hurray! More Will and Patrick! I absolutely adored the original Wake Up Married serial, so I was thrilled when I saw Leta Blake was bringing the boys back for another story. This one takes place two years after their Vegas marriage, and seems to be at least several months since they recognized that they really do love one another and want to stay together. So this story is a celebration of sorts where we get to see the guys all mushy and happy and in love. Patrick is particularly charming as it is so clear that despite his reservations about love, he is totally all in with Will. I have a soft spot for Patrick and I love how his bluster is a mask for his vulnerability. And I love even more how Will recognizes that and takes care to make sure Patrick knows how loved he is. This story is all kinds of romantic and sexy (probably the sexiest of the bunch) and I totally loved seeing these guys together again all happy and loving.

My only hitch here is that the conflict centers around Will’s family, particularly his mother who I can not stand. I hate the way she treats Will, I hate that he becomes insecure and vulnerable around her, and it makes me nuts that they indulge her crap even a little bit. So this was a bit rough because once again she is selfish and self absorbed and makes Will miserable and feel bad about himself. I found it frustrating because this was a common thread throughout the first series and Will had made such progress over the course of the books to standing up for himself, and now we are back in it again with her. So personally I found it a little frustrating and would have like to see the conflict settle in a different direction. That said, this may be a personal problem with me and other readers might not be bugged at all.

Most of this story takes place while they are on vacation, but we do get to connect briefly with some of the characters, including some of Will’s other family, Patrick’s BFF Jenny, and Will’s ex. So we do get a little bit of a chance to see the larger world here as well. But really this is Will and Patrick’s story at the core. I just adore this couple and loved getting a chance to see how far they have come. The story is romantic and sexy and it is a lot of fun to reconnect with these fabulous characters. If you haven’t read this series, you will want to start at the beginning as they are all linked, but it is definitely one that I highly recommend.

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