best 2017Wow! I can’t believe the year is nearly over!

Starting with Fantasy, I loved the The Rules and Regulations for Mediating Myths and Magic by F.T. Lukens. It’s a sweet and funny YA romance with just the right amount of conflict, and age-appropriate steam. The whole story, with all the zany myths, the angst, and the sweet coming-out, sealed the deal for me.

Trust with a Chaser CoverI adored Trust with a Chaser by Annabeth Albert, because it was a hard-won love. The local sheriff is hiding behind his badge, and a closet, and that makes it hard for him to love the out-and-proud new restauranteur in town. Add to that, this shiny younger man’s family is a complete mess, and often in trouble with the law. It’s a sweet victory when the sheriff makes it possible for his down-low beau to do right by his family, and love out loud.

Setting the Hook by Andrew Grey was a sweet romance between two older men who struggle to be out within their conservative environments. I really liked how they dealt with coming out late, and dealing with the expectations of parents, and children. Also, steamy!

Cover art by Paul Richmond

For down and dirty filthy talk, I really liked the Pent Up audiobook. Damon Suede writes such gritty, tension-filled stories, and narrator Michael Kipiniak brought this one to life in technicolor. I could feel the character’s pain, and taste their sweat by the end. It’s a bit mystery and a bit romance between a wealthy hedgefund manager and his bodyguard.

Another fab audiobook was the amazing Fish Out of Water by Amy Lane, narrated by Greg Tremblay. The story, a high drama crime investigation, was tense and terrifying and I could feel every heartbeat, hear each footstep and gunshot ring out. In the midst of this, a PI and a litigator fall hard while uncovering a hotbed of corruption simmering within Sacramento’s police and political bodies.

Best NEw ArtistFor folks who like music-based stories, Best New Artist by B.A Tortuga was a fun and touching read with a reconnection romance for a country music “star” and his former guitarist. There’s a lot of heart, and hurt, and comfort that bring these two back together. I found the lush Texas dialect so deep I almost thought I’d caught a flight south.

And to round it out, the steamy end of Thorne and Dash’s adventures came in the form of Perfect Alignment by Silvia Violet. This is the third book in that series, and was such a yummy end, with a bakery opening and a wedding, and lots of happily ever afters…after they have a big wedding-planning problems. Great secondary characters also brought this one to life for me.

Thanks for sharing with me!

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