new coming this weekHi everyone! I hope you all had a great week!

Like many of you, we are facing brutal cold temperatures here in Maryland. Have I mentioned how much I dislike cold? And snow? Yep, we got that too. Though we were fortunate our storm wasn’t nearly as bad as further north. I hope all my east coast friends are holding up ok in the aftermath.

Well, the one benefit to the horrible weather is that all I want to do is curl up with a book in front of the fire. I have had lots of cozy time this week, mostly because I don’t want to move!

So here is what we have planned this week…

  • Review: Relay by Layla Reyne (Jay)
  • December Favorite Books
  • December Favorite Covers
  • Guest Post: Preacher’s Son by J.A. Rock and Lisa Henry
  • Review: Darkling by Brooklyn Ray (Michelle)
  • Review: Tied to Home by Silvia Violet (Kris)

  • Review: Hammer of the Witch by Dakota Chase (Kirsty)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: Relay by Layla Reyne
  • Review: Get Up by Reece Pine (Sue)
  • Review: Forever with You by Londra Laine (Kenna)
  • Review: Lost in Time by A.L. Lester (Camille)

  • Audiobook Review: A Destiny of Dragons by T.J. Klune (Jay)
  • Review: Blackbird in the Reeds by Sam Burns (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: Captain Merric by Rebecca Cohen
  • Review: Daddy Needs a Date by Sean Michael (Veronica)
  • Review: A Different Light by Morningstar Ashley (Michelle)

  • Review: Leaning Into Touch by Lane Hayes (Jay)
  • Guest Post: Felix and the Prince by Lucy Lennox
  • Review: Blackwelder 2164 by Christopher DJ (Kenna)
  • Review: Her Majesty’s Will by David Blixt (Sue)
  • Review: Beyond the Tunnel by Daniel Mitton (Kris)

  • Review: Pounding Skin by L.A. Witt (Jay)
  • Coastal Magic Blog Tour with C.S. Poe
  • Review: Ocean of Tears by Phetra H. Novak (Michelle)
  • Review: Rightfully His Omega by Angelique Voison (Elizabeth)
  • Review: King Geordi the Great by Gene Gant (Sammy)

And that should do it for this week! Stay warm!

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