new coming this weekHi everyone! I hope you had a lovely week!

We are still having insane weather here. This week we had freezing temps and a “snow day” (I use quotes because the kids were off school for like a 1/2″ of snow). And then today it is 60 degrees. So strange!

I’m excited because this week is my birthday week. As my family will tell you, I am a girl who likes a LOT of celebration (my kids joke that I have a birthday week not a birth day). So my birthday is Thursday and I planned lunch and dinner out, and a hubby only dinner on Saturday. It helps that my birthday runs over restaurant week in the neighboring county. So I should be fat and happy by the time the week is over!

Hope you all have a fun week planned. Here is what is on our calendar this week:

  • Review: The Station by Keira Andrews (Jay)
  • Guest Post: To Seek and to Find by Tamryn Eradani
  • Review: Two Man Station by Lisa Henry (Michelle)
  • Review: Beneath This Mask by Victoria Sue (Jay)

  • Review: Dream by Garrett Leigh (Michelle)
  • Review: Won’t Feel a Thing by C.F. White (Kenna)
  • Review: Two Feet Under by Charlie Cochrane (Veronica)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: Two Man Station by Lisa Henry
  • Review: Raising the Red Flag by Eric Del Carlo (Sue)

  • Review: To Seek and to Find by Tamryn Eradani (Jay)
  • Review: The Jackal’s House by Anna Butler (Kris)
  • Review: Alpha’s Law by Sara York and H.L. Holstein (Kirsty)
  • Guest Post: Home is Where You Are by Emjay Haze
  • Review: A Love Song for the Sad Man in the White Coat by Roe Horvat (Elizabeth)

  • Guest Post: Dream by Garrett Leigh
  • Review: Wolf Around the Corner by Aidee Ladnier (Kenna)
  • Review: Banded Together by K.C. Burn (Sue)
  • Review: Damned American by Melian Belt (Camille)

  • Review: Dantes Unglued by Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott (Jay)
  • Review: The Sound of Silence by Mia Kerick and Raine O’Tierney (Sammy)
  • Cover Reveal and Giveaway: The Winning Edge by Keira Andrews
  • Review: The Nullifier by Erin M. Leaf (Elizabeth)
  • Review: His Personal Assistant by L.J. Harris (Michelle)

  • Guest Post: A Way With You by Lane Hayes

And that should do it for this week!

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