Today I am so pleased to welcome Emjay Haze to Joyfully Jay. Emjay has come to talk to us about her latest release, Home Is Where You Are. She has also brought along a great tour wide giveaway. Please join me in giving Emjay a big welcome!

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Hi Everyone, this is Emjay Haze, author of contemporary gay romance. My new Dreamspinner Press novella, Home is Where You Are, is the story of Eric and Phil. Two men from the same hometown, but whose lives took completely different turns until Eric comes home and they meet again.

I thought it would be fun to show what Eric’s life was like before the beginning of the story. Don’t worry, it gets worse before it gets better.

Here is a typical day in the life of Eric Bevington, before fate brought him home again.


Eric walked through the lobby of Green Mountain Bank where he worked as an account manager, waving good bye to a couple of the tellers on his way toward the door. “Bye Shelly.”

“Have a good weekend, Eric. Got any plans?”

Did he? He and Drew never went out together as a couple. Maybe he’d suggest a club or something tonight.

“Hey Drew,” Eric called as he saw Drew saunter across the room towards the executive suites. He had such a presence about him. Eric wasn’t the only one staring.

Drew looked back and forth like he didn’t know why Eric was speaking to him. They kept their relationship quiet at work. Drew said it wouldn’t be professional for them to flaunt it here at the bank. “Eric,” he said, walking up to him.

“Do you feel like going out tonight?” Eric already knew the answer, but hearing it still it stung a little.

Drew shook his head. “I’m meeting a client for dinner. I’ll be home around nine.” That wasn’t too late to go out. Then Drew moved closer to Eric and whispered in his ear, giving Eric the shivers. “Have a bottle of wine ready for us.”

That meant one thing.

Eric left the bank and walked the two blocks over to Church Street Marketplace to the gym. He usually just went on Sunday, but didn’t feel like going home just yet. It was crowded around this time with people just getting out of work.

Eric made his way over to a free elliptical and rode for twenty minutes. After that, he went to the bench for some curls. Eric didn’t lift heavy weights often, but he liked to keep in shape. Drew was so muscular and built and next to him, Eric felt scrawny.

After a quick shower, Eric dressed and walked down to the Starbucks for his iced coconut-milk latte before heading back to the garage for his car. Since he was apparently eating dinner alone tonight, again, Eric stopped for Chinese takeout on the way to his apartment wondering why he didn’t go out with friends after work?

Truth was, since he moved in with Drew last year, he hadn’t gone out with anyone accept him and co-workers for drinks after work, nothing more. God, at twenty-four, he’d become boring.

Eric paid for his food and carried the bag to his car, and drove the ten minutes to their apartment.

He put a bottle of Pinot in the refrigerator, took out the cartons of rice and Kung Pao Chicken and made himself a plate of food. He carried it to their leather sofa, plopping himself down.

“What am I doing?” he asked himself, as he ate dinner by himself and gazed out the picture window at Lake Champlain. He loved his apartment, and the view was spectacular, but despite living with Drew, Eric was lonely.

After he finished eating, he walked his dishes back to the kitchen, and took the wine out of the refrigerator and poured himself a glass. Just as we was over-thinking his relationship with Drew, the front door opened, and Eric got that feeling he always did when Drew walked into the room.

He knew Drew didn’t like when he ran to the door, so he waited for Drew to come to him. As he sipped his wine, he felt Drew’s presence, and then his arms around the back of him as warm lips pressed onto the top of his head. “Hey farm boy.” Eric hated that nickname, but as Drew’s mouth nibbled on his ear and then moved down to his neck, his blood rushed south, and Eric forgot all about his irritation with Drew and their relationship.

He picked up the second glass of wine and handed it to Drew, who took it, and then grabbed Eric’s hand, leading him into the living room.

“How was your dinner?”

Drew shook his head as they sat on the sofa. “Nuh uh, no business talk.” He leaned over and kissed him. “I need you, Eric.” Drew pressed himself again Eric, and he could feel how much Drew needed him. They finished their wine and then Eric followed Drew into Eric’s bedroom. As he watched Drew undress and reveal that gorgeous adonnis body, he realized he didn’t need Drew to take him out on a date.

Drew in his bed was all he needed, wasn’t it?


Home Is Where You Are CoverFor a chance at a future filled with love, he’ll have to face a painful past.

Eric, recently dumped by his boyfriend, is summoned home after his dad suffers a stroke. His family farm in rural Vermont holds memories he’d rather forget, but he—with his degree in agricultural business—is needed to clear up a predicament with the bank. In trying to forget the bad, Eric has also lost sight of the good: green meadows dotted with grass-fed dairy cows and the sugar maples that once produced the area’s finest maple syrup. With Eric’s help, they will again.

A captivating farmhand named Phil tempts Eric to give the countryside another chance, but before they can consider being together, Eric must move past more than his feelings for his ex-boyfriend—he’ll need to stand up to the ghosts that sent him running from the farm in the first place….


Emjay Haze Profile PicEmjay Haze is a Pennsylvania girl living in a Virginia world, growing up in the Philadelphia suburbs and moving to Northern Virginia to follow her now husband of twenty-plus years. She has two kids in college, a year-old puppy named Max, a black-and-white cat named Tux, a gecko named Rex, a yellow tang called Reggie, and we hear the eels are coming this week.

The family pastime is baseball, specifically the Nationals. She’s also a huge Redskins fans and loves classic rock. Emjay graduated with a degree in Creative Writing in 2015 after realizing it was the only thing she really wanted to do.

She has a wide and diverse work history in the fields of travel, hotel management, high-tech communications, web development, real estate, and the nonprofit health care industry where she has held positions such as travel agent, hotel concierge, web programmer, Realtor, account manager, and many, many others, giving her a varied and unique set of experiences that she draws upon in her stories and characters.

Emjay fell in love with the m/m romance genre after discovering the world of fanfiction several years ago and hasn’t looked back. Her family keeps asking when she’ll write something they can read, but she’s still having too much fun with her boys. Her goal is to broaden the minds of those who might not normally pick up a gay romance because it’s more about the person than the sexuality. She’ll take you on a roller-coaster journey, but you’ll always get a happy ending.


Emjay has brought 3 e-copies of Home is Where you Are, and a Grand prize of the e-book and a gift pack of Vermont maple syrup and maple candy to give away along her tour. Just follow the Rafflecopter below to enter. The contest ends on 2/3/18 with four total winners.

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