CruisingRating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Short Story

Dylan and Jake have been best friends since college. It’s been years since they met and Dylan is still in love with Jake; in fact, he has been almost since their first meeting. Their friendship is too important for Dylan to ever say anything though, so in the friend zone is where they remain.

Except Jake spontaneously invites Dylan on a cruise to Alaska. Jake knows that Dylan has always wanted to go to Alaska, but Jake has another agenda as well. He wants Dylan all to himself. Dylan cannot believe he’s there with Jake, but he’s convinced once they reach land again, he’ll be back to the friend zone, or worse.

This book had me when I saw it was best friends to lovers—I have a difficult time staying away from these books. Cruising is a short, light story that reads quickly. It’s more of a snapshot of these guys as the story is about them finally connecting romantically.

Dylan has always been in love with Jake, but it’s taken Jake a little longer to see Dylan that way. Their history is solid and we get a little exposition to how they met. Due to the length of the story, there is little character development and Dylan and Jake became almost interchangeable as they had a similar voice. The cruise also was not overly descriptive and the setting of the cruise set in Alaska could have been anywhere as there was no time for development of that either.

Overall, it was a cute story with a little heat set around two friends taking their relationship to the next level. It would be a good choice for a low angst story that can be read in under 30 minutes, especially if best friends to lovers is what you are looking for.

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