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Aubrey Warren counts himself lucky to have his clerk position. He works hard to keep as far away from his old life as possible. In a perfect world, he wants to be an engineer, but he would be a fool to walk away from the stability his current work provides. When a new owner takes over the mill, Aubrey finds himself under the gaze of Lindsey Althorp.

Wealthy and captivated, Lindsey cannot help his pursuit of Aubrey. He cares nothing for the man’s sullied past or the differences in their social status. In fact, he is blind to nearly everything save his love for Aubrey. This carelessness leads them both into danger and might end up costing Aubrey his life.

This was such a fun and enjoyable read. Mr. Warren Profession hit all my happy buttons right from the beginning. The historical aspect is very well done and the author does a fantastic job of describing the life of the working class near the turn of the twentieth century. There is never an extensive amount of information dumped on the reader at any one time, but instead the historical aspect of Mr. Warren’s Profession is integrated with an excellent finesse. There is a natural style to the writing that lends itself to a relaxing easiness that I absolutely appreciated.

The main characters are really the driving heart behind this book. Aubrey works a grueling job that provides little pay and has even less room for advancement, but he considers himself fortunate compared to others. His exasperation with Lindsey’s naïveté regarding the real world is credible without feeling excessive. He’s a dedicated man whose devotion to learning matches Lindsey’s own without seeming out of character. Lindsey is a bit of a boob, but a sweet one, and his devotion to Aubrey is absolute. We get just as frustrated with him as Aubrey, but there is no malice in him. He is simply a man who has more money than experience. There is a strong cast of secondary characters, three of whom are empowered women who serve as champions, but do so under the historical realities forced upon them. There is a sinister antagonist who seems comically evil at times, but it is relatively easy to ignore this character’s excessiveness because the others are so strong.

Really my only complaints with Mr. Warren’s Profession surround the pacing and the ending. Despite the excellent writing, this book suffers somewhat from pacing problems. There are times when the action drags and nearly comes to a halt. I even had to set the book aside a few times and it was only because of pacing issue. The book is absolutely worth your time, but there are moments when I just wished the characters would get on with it. Additionally, the ending is somewhat abrupt, especially given the exposition up until this time. I would have liked a bit more resolution for nearly all of the characters.

On the whole, Mr. Warren’s Profession is an excellent book. The history is well done and blended so well with the overall story that even readers who don’t enjoy historical fiction will find something to appreciate. There are pacing inconsistencies and they can be frustrating at times, but ultimately the fantastic characters and strong writing make this a great read. Consider it highly recommended!

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