to seek and to findRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel

Kyle is a regular at his BDSM club, Enchanting Encounters. He has lots of play partners and often does demos for the crowd, as well as helping to train new Doms. But he has no serious relationships and Kyle would really like something more than just casual play or short-term hookups. When a new Dom, Aiden, appears at the club, he definitely catches Kyle’s eye. Kyle sets out to get Aiden’s attention by arranging some public scenes he hopes will draw Aiden’s interest. And when his plan works, it might just be the start of something great between them.

To Seek and to Find is the first book in Tamryn Eradani’s new Enchanting Encounters series and I really enjoyed it. Kyle is a great POV character and Eradani does a wonderful job of really helping us get to know him with a lot of depth over the course of the book. He has a bit of arrogance about his appearance and skills as a sub, with the right mix of vulnerability that makes him so appealing and likable anyway. He wants Aiden’s attention, but it is clear that despite his bravado, what he really wants is a relationship, someone to call his own for good and not just for the night. I did feel like it was hard at first to see just what about Aiden had Kyle so fixated, as he is kind of obsessed with getting Aiden’s attention before he knows the guy at all. I couldn’t tell if it is the allure of someone new at the club, purely physical, or something else. We also get to know Kyle much better than we do Aiden, which makes sense given the way the story is structured and paced. Given that this is a series, I assume there will be more to come for Aiden, but at this point his story is pretty sparse.

This book is kind of unique from the romance end in that there isn’t a full romance arc here. It definitely has a solid HFN ending and there is clearly more in store for the guys in the next book, but this is definitely the first part of their romantic journey and not their full story. I think Eradani brings us to a great point to wrap things up here, so this worked just fine for me, but I do think the pacing feels a bit off as it takes a little while to really get to the Aiden/Kyle part of the book. We know from the start that Kyle is interested in Aiden and so he is looking for ways to draw Aiden’s attention, but most of the early focus of the story is still on getting to know Kyle. We see him doing a scene with his best friend Jenny in order to capture Aiden’s interest, as well as having a sexual encounter/scene with his occasional Domme, Renee. He also does a training scene at the club with Renee and a new Dom. So a lot happens before we even see him and Aiden have any contact. In some ways I think this works as we really get to know Kyle well through these scenes, so by the time he is with Aiden, I feel like we are well in his head. And given that this the first in a series about the couple, having them not get together right away works in the long term. But in this first book I was itching somewhat to get our MCs together on page.

One other quick note here is that the story is written in third person, present tense. I didn’t find this a problem at all, but I mention it because I know some folks don’t love this style.

Overall I really enjoyed this first installment in the series. I loved Kyle as the POV character and like him and Aiden together quite a lot. We get to see them really exploring the early stages of both their romantic relationship, as well as their Dom/sub dynamic. There is both a sexiness to their encounters, as well as a sweetness to their interactions that works so nicely. We get such a lovely sense of a romance just beginning to bloom here, and I found myself really captivated with them. I can’t wait to see how their journey plays out as the series continues.

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