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Length: Novel

“With you there are no walls or boundaries, just the endless possibility of things being better than the day before.”

Logan and Tate have been together for four years and their relationship has evolved more than either one of them ever thought it would. Neither of them thought they would be looking at forever with the other, but here they are asking for forever and always.

It’s been an amazing journey for Logan and Tate and the love they have for each other is the truest thing either of them has ever known. Through laughter, tears, arguments, moments of heartbreak, and an all-encompassing love, Logan and Tate get the happily ever after they have craved all along.

It’s only a few days into the New Year and this already was one of my most anticipated reads of 2018. When it released early at the end of 2017, it finished off the year of reading in an epic manner.

The last two books in the Temptation series were the bonus I wasn’t expecting as the series was said to have concluded after book three. And with this being the sixth book in the series, I can still read about Logan and Tate all day long and it’s magical what Ella Frank has done with this couple.

This book opens as it overlaps the end of the previous book and it’s a style of the series that I look forward to with each book. The scene is the same, but then Logan and Tate take a step forward in their relationship—a step toward forever. The book takes us through more milestones in the lives of these men as we get an up close view of a real and true love story. There are not many long standing, evolving, and lasting relationships to read about and Frank has created characters that are so layered and well written they are life like.

It’s so great to read a series where the characters continue to be so familiar and the banter they have between each other, as well as Logan’s snarky one-liners, remain a highlight. It’s also the story of finding home, and even after all the books, Logan and Tate can still make each other stop in their tracks with just one look and their chemistry is still dialed all the way up. They are settled into their lives, but they can wrap each other up in their own world where all they see is each other and how Frank continues to achieve this with each book is commendable.

There was a scene or two here that didn’t resonate with me as much as compared to the overall story, but the highlight here remains the relationship between Logan and Tate. This book also spent some time setting up Robbie’s story and he might just be in for it as he gets his own book this spring. It would also be almost impossible to tell Robbie’s story without seeing glimpses of Logan and Tate, so perhaps that is something to look forward to in the future.

In the author’s note, Frank mentions why there was no epilogue in this book. The ending was a bit underwhelming for me and while I would have personally preferred an epilogue, she sends the men off in a romantic moment that is both amazingly heartfelt as well as bittersweet as the series comes to a close. There are so many moments during the course of this series that have made up the relationship of Logan and Tate and I do agree with the author that it is hard to let them go and the attachment she has created to them will remain.

I picked up Try originally on a whim as at the time Ella Frank was a new-to-me author, and the journey that these men have taken has been amazing. You have most likely figured out by this point that this book is not a stand-alone. If you’ve followed the series you know you want this one and if you haven’t gotten to it yet, ooohhh, start with Try. Logan and Tate will solidly remain a favorite couple for all time.


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