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Eric and Brock were lovers for several years, but Eric broke it off nine years ago because the men wanted different lives. They didn’t fall out of love with one another, however, and when Eric’s adopted daughter, Josie, has been kidnapped, there’s only one person he would call for help: Brock.

Brock is still wealthy and powerful, and in love with Eric. Since Eric left Brock’s had other lovers, but none for more than a night. Hearing Eric’s plight, Brock doesn’t hesitate to call in his own private security team to track down the missing girl, and keep them both safe. Except it goes terribly wrong and Eric’s injuries might prove fatal. Family shenanigans forced Eric to name Brock his next-of-kin and Josie’s guardian. It proves useful when Eric’s homophobic mother tries to snatch Josie away before Eric can recover. Brock never imagined his life with a child in it, but he builds a rapport with Josie, while at the same time reconnecting with her father.

For me this was an interesting reconnection romance, with the added twist of suspense. The kidnapping is only the inciting incident, bringing Brock and Eric back together. Then, there’s a lot of drama regarding Eric’s recovery, Josie and Brock becoming acquainted, and the ramp-up of sexual tension that occurs the longer Eric and Josie stay in Brock’s fortress/penthouse while the bad guys are on the run. I liked the sweet way Eric and Brock treat one another, and Josie’s not written as an annoying kid, even though she’s three. Her struggles with nightmares and her ordeal while kidnapped felt real, though I thought the hunt for the bad guys took far too long. That kind of made the police seem incompetent. I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, but be assured the romance was really sweet. Brock is solicitous, and Josie loves her “Daddy Bee” (Brock!!), the regular hero of her night time stories from Eric. That Eric took so many steps to include Brock even if they weren’t together was really intriguing, and it helped turn Brock’s head. Not that it took much effort.

There are lots of sweet moments, and some sexy bits, too, once Eric recuperates. I liked the side characters and how these guys were all so bent on helping Eric and Josie stay safe. It almost felt like a billionaire romance with Brock having so much income at his disposal. His unlimited resources aren’t enough to manage every problem, and Eric would love him if he didn’t have much of anything whatsoever. If you like books with more mature characters, and a bit of suspense, you’ll probably enjoy this one.

This is a second edition of the book, originally published in 2009.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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