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Length: Novel

Ollie is a nurse who works with pediatric cardiac patients. He’s also a man who isn’t lucky in his romantic life. Ollie wants to start out the new year by breaking up with Elliott, a controlling doctor he has been seeing, and having zero baggage.

Enter Jacob, the father of his patient Daisy. Jacob is divorced from Daisy’s mother. They married because Jacob was trying to deny his homosexuality and got her mother pregnant. The divorce was contentious because his wife found out about what he was doing on his business trips. Jacob spends his nights with Daisy in the hospital as his ex wife doesn’t want him around during the day because she refuses to spend any time in the same room with him.

Ollie begins to have feelings for Jacob and they have developed a sudden, but real, connection. Unfortunately, Ollie can’t seem to get rid of Elliot as he is holding some things over Ollie’s head, such as the elderly care facility where Ollie’s father resides. Now, Ollie and Jacob want to be together and they have to deal with everything and everyone who want to stand in their way. Can they get past it all?

I grabbed up Won’t Feel a Thing because I have a weakness for medical romance stories…especially if one of the MCs is a nurse. My Dad was a male nurse in a sea of women and it wasn’t always easy for him (I have so many stories, but that would take up hours and hours of your time). I think Ollie was written nicely and was a good depiction of not only a male nurse, but a nurse in general. He was gentle with the children in his care, honest with his patients’ parents, and friendly with the other nurses. However, he doesn’t make very good choices when it comes to his love life. At first, when he was only a student nurse, he was happy with Elliot’s attention. Elliot was handsome and all his colleagues wanted him. Ollie felt lucky he was getting the doctor’s attention. Unfortunately, that attention turned sour when Elliot turns out to not be the man Ollie thought he was.

I loved Jacob. I immediately felt for him. At first, his ex wife didn’t even tell him Daisy was in the hospital. When he came to see Daisy, his ex threw a tantrum, yelling, swearing, and berating Jacob. At first, she didn’t even want him near his daughter, but finally agreed he could spend the nights in the hospital with her. That way, when she came in the morning, they didn’t have to spend any time together. Jacob had a lot of guilt about how their marriage broke up. Normally, I’d be upset one of my MCs cheated on a spouse. It makes me wonder if they’ll act the same way with the other MC before too long. This time, I understood Jacob’s issues and was sad for him. He’d been hiding who he truly was and he was able to live like he wanted while he was on his many business trips. Jacob is tremendously sorry for his actions, but he loved his little girl so much. He seemed lost and afraid, and Ollie was a lifesaver to him.

As a couple, Ollie and Jacob were good. There was a lot of angst during their time together. Elliot, Jacob’s ex, Daisy’s illness, Ollie’s father’s dementia…there were so many things in the way of their happiness. Won’t Feel a Thing is a novel, but to me, it read like a novella. It didn’t feel as long. It was a smooth read, even with all their personal issues. However, I was starting to feel overwhelmed by that angst. I was getting upset and feeling a little anxious, but it all ended nicely and was wrapped up neatly.

I thought the three (what I considered) background characters were instrumental in making Won’t Feel a Thing the story it was. Taya is a fellow nurse and Ollie’s best friend. She was his conscience. Sometimes, what she had to say wasn’t pretty, but she always had is best interest at heart. Becky is Jacob’s ex. God, she was a bitch, but I did see why she’d be that way. Finding out your husband has had multiple hookups, and then realizing they were with men had to be a real shock. Then there was Daisy, a sweet little girl who’s been through a lot. Not only does she have her cardiac troubles, she had to deal with the hatred her mother had for her father. She loves her Daddy, and she wants to see more of him, but her mother keeps getting in the way. The women and the little girl all play perfectly within the story.

All in all, I liked Won’t Feel a Thing. It was a good book, with the ending it (and I) needed to have. At times, it wasn’t pretty, but real life never is. I would recommend it to fans of medial drama and fans of redemption. I’ve read other stories written by C.F. White, and I will continue to do so as she releases new ones.

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